The Excavation Of Hob’s Barrow Walkthrough: Prologue

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  • Getting To Bewlay
  • Waiting For Mr. Shoulder
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The Excavation of Hob's Barrow is a folk horror game that has you stepping into the shoes of Thomasina Batemen, a barrow digger writing a book about her craft who received an invitation to excavate a particular barrow near the village of Bewlay. The horror undertones are subtle to begin with, with the opening hour of the game taking a relatively light pace.

This walkthrough will cover the prologue of the game, taking you to Bewlay and settling on a place to sleep for the duration of your visit. We'll also meet some of the principal characters of the game.

Getting To Bewlay

At the beginning of the game, you'll be controlling Thomasina outside Ticehurst House. Walk to the left and you'll witness a few scenes, after which you'll be at Bewlay station.

Read the tutorial that pops up to learn how the game is played, and then examine the letter in Thomasina's inventory to read it and learn why you're in Bewlay in the first place. After reading the letter, an old woman will appear on the other side of the tracks – talk to her and exhaust her dialogue options.

Leave the station – you'll be interrupted the first time you try, just leave again after the conversation. It doesn't matter whether you tell the truth or lie to the woman. Keep walking to the right until you reach the middle of Bewlay – the inn is on the right.

Talk to the man standing outside the inn. It doesn't matter how you deal with this man, but slapping him will earn you an achievement.

Enter the inn and talk to the innkeeper, who is standing behind the bar, to learn how much a room will cost.

Once you learn how much the room is, give the innkeeper some money (from Thomasina's inventory). With that done, head up to your room using the door to the right of the bar.

After changing, pick up the Jug of Water from the table next to the door and then head downstairs to the bar again.

Waiting For Mr. Shoulder

Talk to the innkeeper and exhaust his dialogue to learn that he is named Stanley, and to learn more about Thomasina. After this, talk to the old man on the right of the screen, Cyril. Thomasina will sit down to wait for Mr. Shoulder to arrive, but he never does. Instead, Arthur (the man from earlier), turns up.

After Arthur convinces you to buy him a drink, talk to Stanley. You'll spend the rest of your money on a tankard of ale. Give the Ale to Arthur and when he passes out, use the Jug of Water on him to wake him up.

Finding Arthur

Enter the bathroom to the right. Inside, examine both stalls and then the door that leads further to the right, which leads outside but is currently blocked.

Leave the inn the way you came in, and then walk to the right of it to find a man standing by the alley. After he leaves, head into the alley. Pick up the Glove from the ground and examine the wood blocking the door to enter the bathroom again.

Head back outside, leave the alley, and then start walking to the right. Attempt to follow the man until he walks onto the moors and Thomasina gives up.

Return to the inn and examine the door to Thomasina's room. Choose to go to sleep.

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