The First Witcher Game’s Prologue Is Now Playable In VR

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is considered by many to be one of the best action-RPGs ever made. And they're not wrong, the game offers a gripping story, memorable characters, tough choices, and including the DLC, one of the most satisfying video game endings ever. However, that wasn't the case with the first game in the series. While The Witcher had a good story, the rest of it wasn't all that great, especially the combat.

That's what modder PatrykLoan probably hopes to change with their VR mod for the game. As spotted by PC Gamer, the Witcher in Virtual Reality mod lets you experience the game literally through the eyes of Geralt, as well as incorporate your own sword dueling techniques to make up for the lackluster combat. However, only the prologue is playable as of now.

"Every detail, every single prop was recovered, carefully transferred from the original game, remodeled and retextured, then placed where they exactly should be with detailed analyses and love," says the modder.

"Each cutscene was remade from scratch as painstakingly as possible. It's a VR game, and you have the ability to rotate your head everywhere at any time, so I added some extra lore-based content for almost every cutscene, and by that, I promise that even if you played the original game, the experience still would be new and refreshing. In addition, I also recovered a couple of cut dialogues from the original game."

They've included some cool features into the game, like reaching behind to unsheath your sword, throwing weapons to damage enemies, and the ability to pick up most items in the world. They've also included an additional sheath for your sword around the waist, however, it initially started out as a bug.

If you're hankering for another dive into the world of The Witcher, CD Projekt Red just launched Gwent: Rogue Mage – and we all know Gwent is the best part about the Witcher series. Rogue Mage is a single-player version of the original Gwent game, with the same mechanics. "Rogue Mage came out of us noticing that years after The Witcher 3's release, there are a significant number of players who want a more PvE experience from Gwent," said game director Vladimir Tortsov.

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