The Immortals Fenyx Rising Demo Is Now Available To Download

Immortals Fenyx Rising released last December, offering an exclusive demo on Google Stadia. Today, that demo is now available on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

Stadia’s Immortal demo was a great marketing tactic – not only did it give players a reason to check out the game streaming service, but it also gave Google a chance to show off it’s Click to Play technology, letting you quickly jump into a game with one click.

It looks like the exclusivity deal has finally expired, as players on all platforms can now dive into the mythical mayhem. There doesn’t seem to be a demo available on PC beyond Stadia, although it’s possible that will change in the coming days. For now, PC players will have to run the demo through Google Stadia – which is set to expire on January 31.

Immortals garnered much attention last year – first for its similarity to Breath of the Wild, then for its name change from Gods and Monsters. Ubisoft’s action-adventure game pulled in great reviews across the board, with critics loving the enjoyable exploration and challenging combat. The game recently saw a crossover event with the Netflix series, Blood of Zeus, giving fans a reason to keep adventuring in its mythical world.

Total sales for the game have been a bit lackluster, as it didn’t manage to land on many top 10 charts during its release. However, now that players can try Immortals before they buy it, some might be more inclined to make a purchase. The end of 2020 was an action-packed time in the gaming industry, and Immortals was likely overshadowed by Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Watch Dogs: Legions, and the launch of PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Ubisoft has been busy keeping all these games up to date, with constant patches for Assassin’s Creed and a recent Title Update for Watch Dogs. The latter is actually introducing assets for an upcoming test of the long-awaited multiplayer mode – although access will be extremely limited. Meanwhile, Immortals is seeing constant content updates, although this new demo might be the best thing Ubisoft has done for the title yet.

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