The Kid Laroi Features In Fortnite Interactive Experience January 27

Last week Epic Games confirmed The Kid Laroi will be the next artist to get their very own in-game Fortnite concert. The studio has now revealed exactly when The Kid Laroi's islands will be open for business, also confirming the singer will have his very own cup ahead of time and quests all players will be able to complete.

The Kid Laroi will be getting his very own creative island on January 27. Opening for business at 6 pm ET on Friday, the Wild Dreams island will feature famous tracks from the singer as well as three brand new songs. Described as an “immersive, interactive musical experience”, those who have been in attendance for virtual performances from the likes of Marshmello and Ariana Grande will know what to expect.

Love Again, the song featured in the trailer below, will be one of the songs you can hear on both of The Kid Laroi's Fortnite islands. That's right, the Australian artist will be getting two islands. The one mentioned above, and also an afterparty island for fans who want to keep the night alive after the concert is done. 2601-0606-9081 is the code you'll need for the Wild Dreams island, and 4294-0410-6136 is the one you'll need to get into the afterparty.

Fortnite-playing The Kid Laroi fans won't have to wait until the in-game concert later this week for the crossover to officially begin. The singer will also be getting his own Fortnite cup which will begin tomorrow on January 24. Players competing in the cup will have the chance to unlock The Kid Laroi's Fortnite skins before everybody else. If you miss out, those skins will be available for everyone to buy in the Fortnite store from January 26.

Last but not least, all players will have a chance to complete The Kid Laroi's quests. Doing so will unlock a variety of rewards, including tracks that can be heard in your Fortnite lobby. An exciting week for Fortnite fans who have recently been discussing the worst collaborations in the game's history and looking forward to the long-rumored Dead Space crossover that should be here very soon.

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