The Last Blade: Beyond The Destiny Continues SNK’s Neo Geo Pocket Color Lineup On Switch

It seems that SNK’s recent re-releases of Neo Geo Pocket Color titles on Switch have been rather successful because the company is bringing another portable classic to Nintendo’s console. Available right now on the eShop, The Last Blade: Beyond The Destiny can be yours for the low price of $7.99. While it initially might seem random to bring up SNK’s other samurai themed brawler, there’s actually a very good reason for it.

The excellent reboot of the Samurai Shodown series released last year is going to be receiving a third season of DLC and as it just so happens, a character from The Last Blade will be included. To drum up some hype, SNK ported over this particular Neo Geo Pocket Color title. That’s certainly a way to do some cross-promotion.

As for what this version of Beyond The Destiny will have, it contains all of the same features that Samurai Shodown! 2, King of Fighters R-2, and SNK Gals’ Fighters have. You can play the game on the go, with fancy borders that replicate the look of SNK’s portable device, and even do same console multiplayer with two screens. It’s a bevy of tweaks and additions that make these the definitive versions of their respective games.

I’ve not really played much of the main Last Blade series, but it looks like SNK isn’t going to be forgetting about it anytime soon. I’m sure fans would love to have a proper new installment, but COVID has been harsh to everyone. With The King of Fighters XV still coming, it might be some time before we see a new installment. Until then, this re-release and the upcoming Samurai Shodown DLC will do.

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