The Last Of Us director hints at multiplayer mode, asks fans to be patient

After no multiplayer announcement over the weekend, Last Of Us’ director Neil Druckmann appeared to hint that it’s still a long way off.

This past Saturday was a good day for The Last Of Us fans, as it marked The Last Of Us Day, a celebration of the series where Naughty Dog announced new merchandise.

However, one thing that a lot of fans fully expected was completely absent, namely an announcement regarding The Last Of Us Part 2’s separate multiplayer mode.

Director Neil Druckmann, while not explicitly referring to said multiplayer, did seem to hint towards it in a tweet, where he asks fans to be patient for ‘that other thing.’

While we know a multiplayer mode exists, exact details remain unknown, such as if it will be sold as a separate game or will be added to The Last Of Us Part 2 in a free update.

The game was originally meant to have multiplayer, but Naughty Dog opted to remove it due to how large the main campaign turned out to be.

Last Of Us Day wasn’t without some things for fans to be excited for. Naughty Dog revealed a couple of new statues, a vinyl soundtrack, and a tie-in board game being made by CMON, the same company behind the Bloodborne and God Of War board games.

The full list of announcements can be found on Naughty Dog’s website.

The Last Of Us Part 2 is available on PlayStation 4.

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