The Last Of Us Fans Discuss Where They Want Part 3 To Be Set

The Last of Us fans are eating good at the moment. TLOU Part 1 has seen a massive surge in sales thanks to the initial success of HBO's TLOU television show, and co-creator Neil Druckmann has said that a Part 3 is very much a possibility provided Naughty Dog can pin down the right story. Fans have been discussing where they'd like to see the potential third installment set.

Spoilers ahead, obviously.

When we last saw Abby and Ellie, they were both worse for the wear. Abby and Lev had been imprisoned by slavers, with Abby losing a lot of her muscular physique in the process. Her and Ellie had a bleak scrap in the surf and Ellie lost some fingers, rendering unable to play guitar anymore.

The two go their separate, with Lev and Abby seemingly sticking together and Ellie ending up alone, so it seems like the natural choice for protagonists for Part 3 would be Abby and Lev, especially as Druckmann wants a story about love.

The first destination mentioned on ResetEra is the American South West, like Vegas or New Mexico. "Something really desert," writes LastNac. We've mostly gotten East Coast and Midwestern scenery, so a switch to a more desolate landscape would be interesting and present new survival challenges.

Los Angeles and San Fransico where we left Abby and Lev are also brought up. Others want to go the opposite direction, back East to Washington D.C. to see what remains of the US government and military.

People really seem to love the desert idea though. Zebesian-X wrote, "we need a desert. Go all the way with the Jak 3 homage and give Ellie a dune buggy." It would be the perfect setting for some Jak references, we already got one in Part 2.

Others want the series to go a little further afield, venturing either into Mexico or Canada. It would be interesting to see how other countries had been affected by the outbreak, but in the interest of keeping the characters grounded, it's likely we'd see somewhere a bit closer to home for them.

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