The Last Of Us Showrunner Says Part 2’s Story Is "More Than One Season Of Television"

In case you missed it, HBO confirmed over the weekend that The Last Of Us adaptation will be getting a season two. However, showrunner Craig Mazin explained long before that confirmation that should the studio give him and Neil Druckmann the green light for a second season, it will take more than that to properly tell The Last Of Us Part 2's complex story.

Following the news that The Last Of Us will be getting at least one more season, IGN reminded fans exactly what Mazin said while walking the adaptation's red carpet earlier this year. “It's a big animal to take apart, you know? Because it's a much bigger story and it's a more complicated story,” Mazin said, adding, “It's more than a season's worth of television, for sure.”

Although episode three has shown Mazin and Druckmann are willing to rewrite certain chunks of the first game (don't panic if you've not watched the latest episode yet, no spoilers here), season one will follow it pretty closely. That has already been demonstrated from what we've seen so far, and that also means those of you who have played the first game know exactly where Joel and Ellie's journey will take them.

Minor spoilers regarding Part 2 now, but the sequel is far more complex, especially when it comes to converting it into a new medium. Perhaps most notably the introduction of Abby and how the showrunners will accurately adapt her story and bring the new character into the fold. Even if you've not played Part 2, odds are you now know Abby has an important role to play after Twitter was flooded with memes about her introduction and who might play her in season two.

If you're yet to watch The Last Of Us and you're wondering what all the fuss is about, there's never been a better time to jump on the bandwagon. HBO added episode one to YouTube last week, meaning you can now watch it without an HBO or Sky subscription.

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