The MediEvil Remake Is A Ghoulish Gas So Far

Fans of Sir Daniel Fortesque had a lot to be excited for when Sony revealed earlier this year that it had a remake of the first MediEvil in the works. Flash forward to Gamescom 2019 and we’ve finally gotten some hands-on time with this nostalgic return to Gallowmere. And from what we played, those looking for a more scenic trip down memory lane are going to be very happy.

Like the recent Crash and Spyro remakes, MediEvil is a gorgeous and (obviously) massive upgrade over the original game when it comes to visuals. The first game was inspired by Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas and the remake does an excellent job of making everything look more akin to that stop motion class. The textures are smooth, the models more realistic than oddly shaped polygonal models, and the moon-adorned skybox is enchanting.

The simple gameplay from the original is more or less retained. Weapon impacts land with a heavy thud and you can feel the weight behind your sword every time.  You can attack foes with a close encounters weapons like sword or Daniel’s arm, which he can pop out of his socket. Long-range weapons like throwing knives help to whittle zombies and other foes down before you run in for the kill. 

So far, MediEvil seems like it’s going to be a real treat for players who adored the original game or those in search of a goofy, colorful hack & slash adventure when it comes to PS4 on October 25.

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