The Next Game From Josef Fares Will "Take Everything To The Next Level"

An ask-me-anything on Reddit with Josef Fares has revealed that Hazelight Studio’s next game is already in development, and will “take everything to the next level”.

The answer comes in response to a direct question asking whether or not Fares and his team have got any plans for their next game. Fares said, “Plans? We already started the next game. It’s already shaping up to be super cool. It’s going to take everything to the next level. Hazelight fans will be shocked. Everyone will be shocked”.

There are a few others mentions of the next game throughout the AMA, but that answer is the most forthcoming about what Hazelight Studios is working on. In response to a question about more cooperative titles, Fares talks about why it’s so important for his games to get good reception so that more co-op experiences can be made, which seems to confirm another cooperative title from the studio. This should come as no surprise considering the success of the past three games from Hazelight.

Sprinkled into the AMA are lots of revealing answers about It Takes Two’s development, facts about the characters and even some things for fans of the game to look forward to. For starters, Fares announced that the game’s soundtrack will soon be coming to streaming services, as well as re-confirming that “every shake is me” when asked about mo-capping Dr Hakim. He also confirmed that Cody would probably enjoy pineapple on his pizza, so anyone who has to play as him is now definitively getting the short end of the stick.

One commenter even questioned Fares on the infamous elephant scene in the game, saying that, “the scene really conveys Cody & May’s desperation”, and that “It should be a shift in tone. It’s a good thing people are reacting to it, it means we have done something good, and there’s a point to that”.

In our review for It Takes Two, we called it “the best co-op game since Portal 2”, which seems to be a general consensus, as it quickly went on to become one of the best-reviewed games of 2021.

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