The Outer Worlds Coming To Steam On October 23

Epic Games Store exclusive, The Outer Worlds, is set to arrive on Steam in just a few short weeks. First released last October for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, the game was a timed exclusive for Epic – PC player’s had no other option besides using the Epic Games Store when it came to playing the critically acclaimed title.

But on October 23, The Outer Worlds will officially be available on Steam. If you haven’t yet sat down to experience Obsidian’s fantastic sci-fi shooter, now would be a perfect time to do so. Just last month a new DLC expansion – Peril on Gorgon – was released, adding new weapons, armor, and increasing the level cap to 33.

In our review of The Outer Worlds, we called it “an engaging outer space RPG” that featured a “well-crafted and succinct narrative that provides ample opportunity for player choice.” Fans of the Fallout series will love everything offered by The Outer Worlds – and New Vegas stans in particular will fall in love with all the dialog options.

The Outer Worlds is currently available on the Epic Games Store for $59.99. We’re assuming that’s the price Steam will list it for as well, although we might see a slight discount to help promote the platform’s newest title.

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