The Owl House Season 2 Finale Is Going To Change Everything

The Owl House Season 2 is coming to an end this weekend. King’s Tide will usher in the Day of Unity as Luz, Amity, Eda, King, and so many other characters go up against Emperor Belos in order to save The Boiling Isles from ruin. I don’t think any of us are ready.

Each episode this season has felt essential to the overarching narrative, building upon character arcs and major beats as we approach an epic conclusion. The show’s unexpected cancellation fell before this season entered full production, meaning creator Dana Terrace and the rest of the crew have been forced to transform their original story into a shorter, more truncated tale without the time it truly deserves to shine.

Given the myriad compromises involved with bringing this vision to life I’m surprised at both how emotionally resonant and thematically coherent it has managed to be. Granted, certain moments have been brushed aside or covered in a fraction of the time out of necessity, but the fandom has formed bonds with these characters and this universe in ways that few shows in Disney Channel’s history have accomplished. Not that the House of Mouse cares, despite sharing Lumity clips on social media like the biggest stans ever.

The Owl House reaching the finish line in the same timeframe as Amphibia feels poetic, with both following the journey of young girls discovering a new world while simultaneously piecing together a clearer picture of who they want to be. Viewers can watch these shows and see themselves in so much of who they seek to depict and what they want to say, and there’s a cultural power in that creative expression that cannot be understated.

As the second season draws to a close it is rather sobering to look back on how far we’ve come, while also glancing forward into the future and how this coming episode is bound to change absolutely everything. If you haven’t heard, The Owl House isn’t receiving a full third season and will instead conclude its story with a trio of extended specials. I wouldn’t be surprised if these bumper episodes can be combined into a feature film of sorts, planning to tell a single narrative that both brings Luz’s adventure to a close while simultaneously taking it to places we’ve never seen before. That being said, the coming finale will end on a cliffhanger so dramatic that we won’t be able to cope with the inevitable hiatus.

After a dramatic encounter with Kikimora at Blight Manor, Luz has been kidnapped and taken to Emperor Belos – a move that will likely set whatever plan The Collector has for our fledgling witch in motion. She is the core ingredient in some sick twisted scheme to rid the isles of wild magic and invade the human world, at least judging by the makeshift portal he is piecing together with the help of his ancient comrade. If this plan proves successful, all those in possession of coven sigils across the Boiling Isles will be killed. Yes, this is a kid’s show.

Last week’s episode featured an end credits sequence drenched in crimson red as Luz is silently carried away to her doom, giving us little choice but to glance at the horizon and grow anxious about the events to come. For months, fans have been speculating over the true nature of The Collector, and whether this ethereal being will seek to possess our heroine or use her to further whatever machinations are waiting beneath the surface.

It remains unclear, all we know is that Luz now approaches their domain with no means of escape. Eda, Raine, and the rest of the resistance are currently piecing together a plan to stop the draining spell from being activated, which will likely open up a window for Luz to be rescued or perhaps even accelerate plans that aren’t yet ready to be enacted. Amity, Willow, Gus, King, and the rest of the supporting cast are also set to embark on a rescue mission, meaning that everyone is poised to come together at the end of the world for one final battle.

The episode is named after King, and so much of the promotional art seems to suggest his blood will be used to activate the portal in order to either save Luz or doom the Boiling Isles. His cracked skull is seen throughout so many pieces shared by the crew, foreshadowing that we will see his character arc as the last living titan come to a sense of finality. His blood is required to activate a portal to the human world, so as a last resort he could sacrifice himself to give Luz a way to return home without her having a say in the matter, even more so if Eda is involved. For weeks, the Owl Lady has been beating herself up about failing to protect Luz and King, drawing them into a battle that could get them killed if the worst comes to pass.

She doesn’t want to say goodbye to Luz, but will allow such a thing to happen if it means avoiding certain death amidst The Boiling Isles. To see Luz thrown back to the human world and reunited with her mother under circumstances outside her control would break our hearts, while also allowing the three upcoming specials to explore a compelling narrative with a definitive beginning, middle, and end to call its own. Luz would need to find a way back to save her found family while repairing broken bridges with her mother, all while convincing them that she needs to face her destiny and return to the Boiling Isles one final time. While she’s learned so much, it could be argued that Luz still hasn’t proven herself to those who matter most. To Amity, King, Eda, and perhaps even herself.

Anything could happen, and I feel the show’s tragic cancellation has forced Dana Terrace to make decisions that will result in an ending that is entirely unique and uses such unfair obstacles to its advantage. I want to spend more time with these characters and continue to lose myself in this world, but to know it’s drawing to a close with such confidence brings a smile to my face. The Owl House is a one of a kind show and deserved so much more, but this past season has proven that some of the most memorable stories are spawned from the most unexpected of circumstances. We also need to see Luz and Amity go on a date after that historic smooch. Let these witches be gay and happy.

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