The Owners Of A Pub In Plymouth Are Clearly Fans Of Ecco The Dolphin

Remember Ecco The Dolphin? Some of us don’t since we weren’t even alive when it came out, but we think our parents might have played it once? Anyways congrats on remembering Ecco and having a slight existential crisis at the fact that time is ever fleeting. Ecco The Dolphin may not have reached the heights of Sonic, but it was a challenging adventure that lured in Sega fans with its cute aesthetic, only to deliver quite a punishing adventure game.

Ecco The Dolphin’s cult following makes sense considering the game’s vibrant visuals, soothing soundtrack, and tight gameplay. While Ecco The Dolphin may have stepped out of the limelight years ago, that familiar face remains with us today. In fact, if you live in Plymouth, England, you might just see Ecco’s face daily.

Ecco The Dolphin Has Just Been Chilling At A Pub All These Years

James Bowden, @Dalagonash, on Twitter posted a quick snapshot of a hotel in Plymouth that has a familiar image for its banner. To many, that dolphin on the banner just looks like a cute oil painting of a dolphin. But that is, without a doubt, the cover art of Ecco The Dolphin. Impending copyright violation cease and desist aside, the banner catches your eye, and its a great choice. Maybe the original owners are Ecco fans, or just appreciate great art.

Other people in the thread started to share other instances of storefronts using game artwork for their logo. It feels weird seeing so many worlds collide. Now we are thinking about Ecco whenever we want a cold one, or how maybe Turok killed all those dinosaurs instead of the meteor. Ecco was not only spotted in Plymouth. Other comments showed sighting of Ecco at other pubs. Boy, Ecco sure likes to party.

There is no clear answer as to why these businesses chose the game art they did, but it does add a fun easter egg to an otherwise normal establishment. Maybe the viral post can catch the eye of Sega and see there are still fans of Ecco. Hopefully, we get a remake sometime soon!

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