The Pikachu N64 Manual Warned Users Not To Step On The Console

Console and game manuals are almost a feature from a bygone era at this point. Most games are sold digitally, physical copies no longer come with manuals either, and if you need to know something about anything, you can just check online. What you won't find on the internet is a warning from a console creator that stepping on its products should be avoided at all costs.

If you're lucky enough to have tracked down a PS5, you've probably quite easily resisted the urge to stomp on it without the need for Sony to tell you that's no good. 25 years ago, Nintendo didn't deem those who bought the special Pikachu edition of its N64 to not be quite as smart. The Japanese manual for the console includes a warning, complete with a diagram, against stepping on poor Pikachu.

Shared by RussIsTrash on the N64 subreddit, the page from the booklet that accompanied the console in Japan shows a foot standing on where the cartridge would go. No one in the comments has translated the wording on the page, but it's presumably a warning against leaving the N64 anywhere it might be stood on by accident.

That hasn't stopped those who have replied from having a little fun with it, though. Those who have questioned whether it's safe to stand on a regular N64, since the warning only appears to have been included for the Pikachu version of the console, have been told they can go right ahead. Judging by some of the other comments, they might be right. People have been sharing stories about perilous situations their older consoles survived.

One reply regales a time they dropped a TV on their N64 and it survived, while another recalls finding their SNES floating around in their flooded house and it still working after a few hours in front of the fan. As for Nintendo warning users about its consoles being stood on, the Switch seems far more prone to that sort of accident, and also far more likely to break, than the Pikachu N64 ever was.

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