The Pixel Ripped Series Continues With a 90s Sequel

There has been a wave of nostalgia sweeping the videogame industry recently, with the likes of Nintendo and PlayStation releasing mini consoles filled with 80s and 90s classics. Even a fledgeling industry like virtual reality (VR) isn’t immune to a nod to the past, with videogames like Battlezone updating titles of old. One of the most notable in this field is Pixel Ripped 1989, a homage to old-school handheld gaming. Today, the creators behind the popular experience have announced a sequel, Pixel Ripped 1995.

Thanks to the popularity of the original, developer ARVORE has been able to start work on the next instalment. Jumping forward several years, the mid-’90s saw a significant change in the industry. Videogames were evolving rapidly, from 16-bit to the 32-bit era (and beyond), as well as from 2D to 3D environments (they even tried VR!).

The era is rich in videogame history but it wasn’t the studio who choose the year. If you’ve played and complete Pixel Ripped 1989 then (spoiler ahead) you’ll have encountered a time machine that allows you to choose your favourite year. With so many players picking 1995, that was the setting for the next chapter of Pixel Ripped.

“Thanks to the success of the first game we are able to dedicate more resources and have a lot more experience to create a game that is an even crazier nostalgic adventure. The setting of 1995 also gives us a lot of great classics to reference and a whole new world to explore,” says Ricardo Justus, Co-Founder of ARVORE in a statement.

ARVORE hasn’t released any screenshots or other details just yet but confirms that the Cyblin Lord is returning again to steal the Pixel Stone. Original Pixel Ripped designer and ARVORE’s Creative Director Ana Ribeiro will be helming the new project, destined for all major VR platforms.  Expect to see the use of classic mechanics, gaming references, secrets and of course, hardcore 90s gameplay.

Since its launch last year Pixel Ripped 1989 has been doing very well, winning awards and recognition around the world. Most recently it won the New Face Award at the 22nd Edition of the Japan Media Arts Festival. It will also be showcased from 1st to 16th of June in the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan).

As further details on Pixel Ripped 1995 emerge, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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