The Sims 4: Every Scenario Released So Far, And How to Play Them

Between Kits, Neighborhood Stories, and other new features, The Sims 4 has received some good updates in 2021. EA closed the year with Scenarios, pre-made stories that satisfy the sweet spot between guided plot lines and total freedom. So far, there have been a total of five Scenarios released, covering everything from breaking up and breaking even, to toddlers and holiday dramas. If you missed out on any of these limited-time Scenarios, TwistedMexi’s All Scenarios Mod lets you access any Scenario any time, so it’s easy to catch up on what you missed.

If you’re wondering where to start, our Complete Guide to Scenarios will tell you everything you need to know about what Scenarios are, and how to play. If you want to know how to make an already-played Scenario feel fresh again, read on to find every Scenario released so far, plus some ideas on how to approach them.

6 Making Money

  • Step 1: Move into a new place and start off without a single Simoleon in your bank account.
  • Step 2: ???
  • Step 3: Become a millionaire!

Potential Outcomes

  • Have 1 million Simoleons

This was the very first scenario introduced and right off the bat, the most obvious way to make money would be to get your Sim a job. But, there are so many ways to make money in The Sims 4 so why not try a more interactive option to make the most out of this scenario.

Selling craftables is a great way to make money, and the good news is that your Sim doesn’t need a huge house to do it. There are also many ways to make this more challenging such as limiting your Sim to selling only one craftable item. You could even travel to Selvadorada and restore and sell artifacts. Eco-friendly Sims could also use the off-the-grid lot trait and challenge themselves to make a million Simoleons without negatively affecting the neighborhood’s eco-footprint.

Selling items directly is the easiest option, but also the least realistic. Selling items with market tables is more hands-on, for example, selling in San Myshuno’s Flea Market, or in the plaza of Selvadorada hotspot Cantina, El Árbol del Jaguar. Plopsy is another option that doesn’t require leaving home, but it can take time for offers to start coming in. In short, exploring areas of the game that you tend to ignore is the best way to get the most out of this scenario.

5 Finding Love After A Breakup

A messy breakup is even messier for Sims who live together. Is there anything worth salvaging in this relationship or is it time to find new love? Sims will start the Scenario having recently broken up with each other.

Potential Outcomes

  • A Sim is Soulmates with someone they’ve broken up with
  • A Sim is Best Friends with someone they’ve broken up with
  • A Sim is Soulmates with someone they’ve never broken up with

This Scenario might require a bit more backstory but since you have to create a new family for each Scenario, imagination is key. How did your Sims meet? How long had they been together, and how long had they known each other before their relationship? Maybe there is drama between your Sims and some existing families in the neighborhood or perhaps infidelity is to blame for their breakup?

Traits are another thing to consider, here. How similar or different your Sims are may affect how well they get along, or how easy it is to get them to spend time together. Three traits may not seem like a lot, but with over 50 traits in the game, the combinations are (almost) endless. The same goes for preferences. Are Sims with compatible preferences always compatible partners? Do opposites attract? It’s up to you.

4 Too Many Toddlers

Can an overwhelmed Sim figure out how to give a bunch of Toddlers all the attention and care they need to thrive?

Potential Outcomes

  • Toddlers reach level 3 in 4 skills

Keeping one toddler happy is a tall order, let alone three toddlers at once. Your caregiving Sim is going to be outnumbered here, so it’s up to you how difficult you want to make things.

If you have a lot of toddler toys lying around (or if your Sims live in a big enough house), toddlers will earn plenty of skills on their own time. Independent toddlers even build skills faster without guidance – especially if screens are involved. Leave food on the counter for toddlers to grab, and cushions out for them to nap on, and they should be set for at least their basic needs.

Some skills will build naturally over time, like movement, potty, and social, but thinking, and imagination are built through more specific actions, so all of your toddlers can have totally different strengths. With each toddler toy building a specific skill, you can always switch toys out as necessary, in order to keep things fresh.

3 Perfectly Well Rounded

Some Sims are extremely impressive: they’re experts in many topics, well-liked by others, and they’ve followed their dreams unapologetically. It’s not easy to be so well-rounded, but it’s a path worth pursuing.

Potential Outcomes

  • Sim completes an Aspiration, has five friends, and is level ten in three skills

Which aspiration do you want your Sim to complete? The Renaissance Sim aspiration is great for this scenario, since skill building makes up a handful of its aspiration milestones. Speaking of skills, which will your Sim focus on? Will they be a specialist or a jack-of-all-trades?

Next question: where will your Sims make friends? If they have a career-related aspiration, making work friends feels like a good fit. Neighbors are also an easy option for homebody Sims, but Sims 4 neighborhoods definitely vary in terms of how populated they are. Your Sims could try visiting venues to make friends; for an added challenge, try making each of your five friends at a different type of venue – one at a Lounge, one at the Gym, another at the Museum, etc. With so many venues in the game, your Sims certainly won’t be starved for choice.

2 Surviving the Holidays

Two Sims who hate each other are stuck living together due to a convoluted backstory involving some gnomes and real estate scams, and both are too stubborn to move out. In the spirit of the season will they find a way to mend their differences, or at least find some way to make the situation more bearable to get through the holidays? Sims will start the Scenario as enemies with grudges against each other

Potential Outcomes

  • Sims are friends without any negative Sentiments
  • Sims are romantically involved as Enemies with Benefits

This Scenario is somewhat similar to Finding Love After a Breakup, but the goal is for your Sims to end up either as friends or Enemies with Benefits. In any case, mischievous players have plenty of opportunities.

How miserable do you want to make your Sims? Sharing a bed is a no-go for enemy Sims, but you could always replicate a rom-com and go the “only one bed” enemies-to-benefits route. One of your Sims will have to take the couch until they sort themselves out, but if they’re feeling civil, they could always rotate.

As far as Sentiments go, Building up your Sims’ relationship bars will be the best way to eliminate and avoid negative feelings. Grudges are a big deal, and one pleasant conversation or fun activity won’t take them away. But some friendly conversation between exes certainly won’t hurt. Sentiments can also be short-term or long-term. As expected, long-term sentiments are going to be more difficult to achieve (or to get rid of).

1 New Year, New Hustle

It’s never too late to start a new hustle. After moving to a new place and making a New Year’s resolution to focus on building marketable skills, can your Sim channel that momentum and keep making big changes for a more prosperous future?

Potential Outcomes

  • Have 25,000 Simoleons and reach level 5 of a skill
  • Reach level 3 of a career

Interestingly, the New Year’s Resolution mechanic is not actually necessary for this Scenario. Still, adding a new holiday with the Make A Resolution tradition is an easy fix if you really want to amplify the New Year spirit.

Fittingly starting a new job is one of the resolutions included with the holiday tradition, but depending on which job you choose, this Scenario might not last long. Maybe that’s a good thing as it would be a great way to test out a career that you don’t often play. However, you could always prolong the experience by trying to have your Sim build a new hobby at the same time, especially if that hobby isn’t career-related.

Since both outcomes with this scenario can be achieved fairly quickly, it also poses a great opportunity to try features of the game that you don’t often use. Supernatural Sims come to mind with the extra challenges and complications involved with them.

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