The Star Wars Battlefront 2 Actors Are Working On Something, But What?

The actors behind Iden Versio, Admiral Versio, and Del Meeko are all back in motion capture according to the actor’s Twitters, but what they’re working on is unknown. Star Wars Battlefront 2 was discontinued in 2020, and many assumed it was to put all the resources into either a sequel for next-gen or the next Battlefield, but the actors suiting up seem to indicate the former.

As Reddit user PotatoSlayer2 points out, in isolation, an actor posting pictures of a mocap suit and sharing that they’re doing some work in a voice acting booth isn’t out of the ordinary. It could be anything, but with 3 of the main characters from Battlefront 2 sharing these things, it’s led some to believe that the campaign is getting a sequel in Battlefront 3. That is coupled with the fact that T. J. Ramini (Del Meek0) and Anthony Skordi (Admiral Versio) confirmed that they are working on an unannounced title.

On top of that, Anthony Skordi shared footage of Luke Skywalker and Del Meeko’s interaction in Battlefront 2, captioning the retweet, “@TJRamini is such a wonderful actor and an amazing human being.”

Digging deeper, each of the 3 was also in Los Angeles within the same time period in November 2020. It could be that all 3 were there because they were working together on Battlefront 3’s campaign as their respective characters, with pictures being shared of voice acting booths and mocap suits.

However, this is all speculation based on the gathering of Tweets and what the actors have said, and it could very well be that they all happen to be working on either a different project or something unrelated to Star Wars Battlefront 2 altogether. Though, that would be a hefty coincidence. However, Del Meeko and Admiral Versio didn’t make it in the story, so how they will return is unclear, whether it’s cameos, flashbacks, or whatever else if it even is for Battlefront 3.

Star Wars has been giving more love to the Inferno Squad and Battlefront 2’s story as a whole, with Operation Cinder being name-dropped in The Mandalorian by Bill Burr of all people in the 2nd season. It’s clear that this is becoming a bigger part of canon than just a throwaway video-game narrative, but maybe what’s coming isn’t Battlefront 3 at all but rather an Inferno Squad spin-off or Squadrons DLC. Fans will have to wait to find out.

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