The Uncharted Movie Poster Is Out, And Fans Aren’t Loving It

A new Uncharted movie poster was released and fans of the games don't think much of it.

The Uncharted picture made its way onto Reddit, where it quickly becomes a hit with over 600 comments from the community. There are no extra details for the movie itself — only Tom Holland as Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg as Victor "Sully" Sullivan standing with concerned faces amid derelict pirate ships. Yet this new banner gives fans another chance to discuss questionable casting choices from Sony.

First off, some viewers think that Sully looks more like Drake here, whereas Holland — take a guess — brings to mind Peter Parker on vacation. "Every picture I see from this movie… it just looks so odd," one comment said. "They didn't cast the right people for sure." Another added, "I like Tom Holland but he looks like a little boy. I'd rather have Mark as Nathan and someone else as Sully." A third chimed in, "I like playing Uncharted because it's one of the few games where the main character is a genuinely hot man. This poster is just two random dudes standing around."

Another thing that didn't go well is the lack of Sully's recognizable moustache, but fans are trying to explain that away with in-universe reasoning, albeit silly in-universe reasoning: "This movie is the origin story of the moustache."

Many believe Wahlberg is going to get one by the end of the movie as Uncharted is meant to blossom into a series. On the other hand, fans admit they don't think it's a moustache that will "ruin this movie." Nonetheless, the recently released Resident Evil film did something similar with Wesker, giving him his iconic sunglasses in the final moments. Perhaps we'll retread familiar and recent ground.

People have had their doubts since the cast was announced over a year ago. The concerns only grew stronger in time, as more and more promo materials were published. The first movie's trailer changed some people's minds a little with its plane scene inspired by Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. While the upcoming film will undoubtedly have some tense action scenes like the one shown, Holland and Wahlberg's is the most important aspect to nail down.

Uncharted heads to cinemas on February 18, 2022.

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