The Unliving: Guide To All Humans And Undead In Burial Isle

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The Unliving seems like an easy game with little depth to it at the start. But as you dive deeper into the game's mechanics, spells, and story, you'll realize that it requires a lot of strategy and determination to beat it. There are a bunch of special abilities to aid you in different scenarios.

You play as The Necromancer and use the enemy's corpses to raise your own army against them. Burial Isle is the first area you'll have to beat while raiding, and almost everything that moves has its own ability in it. These abilities can easily change the course of the game in your favor if used correctly.

Burial Isle Human Guide

When you spawn in a certain area during the raid in The Unliving, you'll have three undead in your possession. You need to use these to start killing humans and raise their corpses to increase your army. There are a total of six types of humans in Burial Isle: Peasant, Archer, Hound, Cleric, Giant, and Werewolf.

It might be surprising to see werewolves siding with the humans instead of the undead, but you'll get the reason for this as you progress in the lore. For now, all you need to know is that they'll be the most annoying enemies in this area.

All these humans have their own special abilities that they can use against the Necromancer or the undead. Here's a breakdown of all their abilities and how to counter them:

Name Of HumanSpecial AbilityHow To Counter
PeasantWhile peasants don't particularly have a special ability, they can hurl their spear at a random enemy whenever they're approached. This can be annoying to deal with in the beginning, but you won't even notice it later.You won't need to do anything specific to counter peasants. Since they're mostly melee-range enemies, make sure you don't get close to them even if you have an army around you.
HoundThese enemies can run significantly fast and they can also jump over barricades and small walls. This can allow them to get close to you quickly, but their bite only deals around three to five damage.The hounds aren't going to be a problem if you pay attention to your positioning. The only scenario where they can be lethal is if your army is fighting enemies in front, and a bunch of hounds spawn from hatches behind you. In these scenarios, try to run around the undead to lose their aggro.
ArcherThe tricky part starts with Archers as they can charge up a shot that is always aimed at The Necromancer. You can see the flaming arrow coming at you whenever they use the ability.Whenever archers are charging up their special shot, you can see it on a small bar below their health bar. Pay attention to that and don't stand in the same place while in battle. If you're constantly moving after every shot from your weapon, you'll likely never get hit with their arrow.
ClericClerics are the healers of Burial Isle, and they can use ranged attacks on their enemies while also healing other humans. Their special ability shoots a fireball that follows The Necromancer for a bit.It doesn't take a lot of effort to dodge the fireball shot by the clerics. Even though they follow you, you can easily sidestep them whenever they get close. Although, if you see clerics in the enemy group, it's wise to try and get rid of them first so the enemies can't heal up.
GiantThese are the most dangerous enemies for your army of undead. When they have enough enemies surrounding them, the giants will start charging an AoE slam that will damage all the surrounding enemies.Firstly, it's important to note that the giants can't move once they start charging their slam. This allows you to drag the undead away as soon as they start charging. You need to ensure the least possible damage from this attack. Undead archer's ability can also counter this attack, discussed below.
WerewolfWhile giants are the most dangerous for your army, werewolves are the most dangerous for The Necromancer. If you get close to one of these, they'll jump at you after a small delay and bite you. They always prioritize attacking the player.If a werewolf is about to jump on top of you, you'll be able to see it below Necromancer with a red teeth sign. Keep dashing when you see that and you'll be able to avoid the bite. Run into the army of undead to remove their aggro from you.

Try to get as many humans killed as you can before starting the final battle. You need to have a decently big army to defend the big skeleton at the end. There's a certain priority order that you should follow against the humans: Werewolf > Cleric > Giant > Archer > Peasant > Hound.

Burial Isle Undead Guide

Once you defeat a certain group of humans, you can resurrect them as the undead and make them a part of your army. It's important to note that they can only be resurrected after the entire group is killed. Because of this, it's recommended to pay attention to the enemy's group before attacking them.

If you start fighting a group and some more enemies spawn through a hatch, you can easily get confused if you didn't see the members of the group before. In these scenarios, it's always a priority to go after the weakest group so you can get more undead for the stronger one.

Every undead in the game has a special ability that can be used to get an advantage in different scenarios. There are four slots for the undead on your right, and there might be times when two types are put together in the same slot. Undead in the same slot still have their unique ability, but the sacrificial runes for that slot apply to both of them.

Sacrificial runes are little abilities that add a special mechanic to an undead's sacrifice. These can be acquired at different altars with Blood, Bone, Echo, or Lifeforce Essence. Here's a breakdown of all their sacrificial abilities and how you can use them:

Name Of The UndeadSacrificial AbilityHow To Use
Undead PeasantUpon sacrifice, this undead will explode and deal damage to the enemies and objects in the surrounding area.While this ability is great for dealing damage to a few enemies, it has better use. When your army charges at the enemies behind barricades, peasants are usually in the front.

If you explode them near barricades, they deal enough damage to break them instantly. This allows your team to get in and defeat the enemies quicker.

Undead HoundSimilar to peasants, hounds also explode and deal lesser damage to the surrounding enemies, but they also stun them for a bit.Undead hounds can jump over barricades as well, allowing you to sacrifice them when they're in the middle of enemies giving your army enough time to break the barricades.
Undead ArcherThese members of your army shoot a deadly arrow upon death dealing 150 damage to the enemies that are hit.While this ability is already great, it's efficient if you use it against a charging human giant. If used at the right time, this sacrifice completely cancels their charge slam.
Undead ClericIf this undead is sacrificed, they heal the surrounding enemies and The Necromancer if you're close to the sacrificed cleric.This ability is best used outside of battle. If you see a cleric on low health with some other undead, sacrifice them to increase the army's life.
Undead GiantSimilar to human giants, these creatures pull nearby enemies close to them and then deal damage.You can use this ability at any time you want, just make sure the undead giant is in the middle of a bunch of humans.
Undead WerewolfUpon sacrifice, the undead werewolf lets out a scream that makes the opponents in a large area attack each other.There aren't a lot of werewolves in Burial Isle, so you need to keep them alive as much as possible. But you can sacrifice them if you're getting overwhelmed.

Sacrificing an undead costs Lifeforce which is shown as a green bar below your health bar. While it's recommended to use this mechanic as much as you can, make sure you don't go overboard and lose all your Lifeforce.

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