The Witcher 3: How To Defeat The Banshee Boss

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Boss fights are commonplace throughout The Witcher 3 and its two expansion packs. There are lots of bosses to encounter during quests and in unique areas of the open world. There are even some missions that entirely revolve around tracking down and defeating a boss.

Banshees are a common type of boss to encounter within The Witcher 3, and they're also quite difficult to defeat if you don't know their moveset and weaknesses. Here's a complete guide for fighting Banshees in The Witcher 3.

What Is A Banshee?

Within the lore of The Witcher universe, Banshees are women who have had traumatic experiences and died, which leaves them stuck between the realms of living and dead. Most Banshees don't attack living humans. In The Witcher 3, Banshees are a type of Specter.

How To Defeat A Banshee

There are a few strategies you should employ while fighting a Banshee, which include methods for defending against its attacks and attacking it. There are also items that are particularly useful while fighting one of these ghostly enemies.

Items You Should Use During A Banshee Fight

Specter Oil is the primary item you need to have while fighting a Banshee. There are a few types of Specter Oil, but they all deal extra damage towards Specters. Here's every recipe for Specter Oil.

Specter Oil10% Extra Damage
  • 1x Bear Fat
  • 4x Arenaria
Enhanced Specter Oil25% Extra Damage
  • 1x Specter Oil
  • 1x Bear Fat
  • 1x Arenaria
  • 1x Essence Of Wraith
  • 1x Mistletoe
  • 1x Wolf's Liver
Superior Specter Oil50% Extra Damage
  • 1x Enhanced Specter Oil
  • 1x Alchemy Paste
  • 1x Essence Of Wraith
  • 1x Mistletoe
  • 1x Longrube
  • 1x Rebis
  • 1x Ergot Seeds

How To Defend Against Banshees

The first thing you can do to protect yourself against Banshees is cast the Quen sign prior to entering the battle. This magical ability grants you a damage shield, which is particularly useful against a Bashees' attacks. Banshees can summon skeletons, so you need to defeat them as they appear; otherwise, you may be overwhelmed by enemies. Defeating the skeletons should be your priority when they're active.

Banshees will attack you with their claws, so you need to ready yourself for quick melee attacks and dodge them as necessary. However, the real threat from a Banshee is its scream, which can stun and even disorient you if you're near it. You need to watch for the Banshee's scream at all times and dodge it if necessary.

How To Deal Damage To Banshees

Damaging Banshees is difficult since this enemy can spawn skeletons, which you need to defeat before focusing on the Banshee herself. Luckily, the skeletons don't have a lot of health. Banshees can't heal when their skeletons are active. Using area-of-effect abilities, such as the Igni sign, is helpful while fighting multiple skeletons.

When the Banshee is by herself, you need to attack her with a Silver Sword, preferably also with Specter Oil. You can find the crafting recipe for Specter Oil above. Keep attacking the Banshee while dodging her melee attacks and scream, and you'll quickly defeat her.

Since Banshees can heal themselves, you need to hit the boss quickly to avoid its health regeneration ability. However, it shouldn't be a problem if you attack at every possible opportunity.

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