The Witcher 3: The 10 Rarest Silver Swords, Ranked (And How To Find Them)

A variety of different monsters inhabit the world of The Witcher. The third game in the RPG series is no exception to this as they are many different monsters that can kill someone in a variety of different ways.  The main character of both the books and games, Geralt the witcher, requires silver swords in order to take these monsters down.

Silver is what the monsters of the Witcher universe are weak to, so it is important for Geralt to have one in hand and in good shape. Some though are stronger and rarer than others though. These are 10 of the rarest ones in the Witcher 3 and how to get them.

Viper Silver Sword

The first of the Witcher school swords, and certainly not the last, the Viper Silver sword must be crafted and the diagram can actually be acquired quite early into the game. It brings with it a 10 percent increase to Aard sign intensity, a 10 percent chance to poison an enemy and 20 percent bonus experience from killing monsters.

Where To Find It

The diagram can be found in the basement of the White Orchard Cemetary chapel. After that, the sword itself can be crafted at any blacksmith provided the player has the right materials.

  • Leather Straps x1
  • Silver Ingot x2
  • Emerald Dust x1
  • Venom extract x1

Gesheft Silver Sword

A sword exclusive to the Blood and Wine DLC, it is important to note that there are two different variations of this sword that can be found within the game.

The crafted Gesheft silver sword increases the intensity of the Aard sign and doubles the chance of scoring a critical hit on an enemy. The other is one that can be found during a quest and increases the intensity of each sign by 20 percent. Both unfortunately can only be used once the player is level 45 or above.

Where To Find It

The first sword variation can be found at The Cloud Giant’s castle in The Land of a Thousand Fables during the quest, Beyond Hill and Dale. Follow the pixie light after defeating the Cloud Giant but before entering the castle. Along the way, the sword can be found after kneeling at a campfire, a reference to Dark Souls.

The other can be crafted through a diagram found in a monster den east of Dun Tynne Crossroads. Once the diagram is found, players will need the following items to craft it at a master-level blacksmith.

  • Leather Scraps x2
  • Enriched Dimeritium Ingot x2
  • Acid Extract x1
  • Sapphire x1

Naevde Seidhe Sword

A sword that returns from The Witcher 2 is a relic tier weapon that offers three slots for runes to further enhance what it can do. Without runes though, it features increases to both the Igni and Yrden signs, a 10 percent chance to stagger the enemy, and a damage range of 319-391 silver damage. The required level for this sword is 26.

Where To Find It

There are three different ways Naevde Seidhe can be found. One can be found at a monster’s den in Kaer Gelen west of Gedyneith and east of the Miners Camp. Another can be found south of Larvik during the For Fame and Glory quest. The third can be found in the Ancient Crypt in Ard Skellig.

Tlareg Silver Relic Sword

With a whopping level requirement of level 67, Tlareg gives the player a good boost in chances of freezing an opponent by 12 percent, a one percent increase to XP and an 18 percent increase to Igni intensity.

Where To Find It

Tlareg, which is actually Geralt spelled backwards, can be found at the northern edge of Kaer Muire.

Grandmaster Wolven Silver Sword

Another of the Witcher school swords, the sword is the ultimate version of the Wolven silver sword and is exclusive to the Blood and Wine expansion. The sword itself can only be crafted and provides 11 percent increases to sign intensity, adrenaline point gain, critical hit chance, and chance to cause bleeding.

It also provides a 20 percent bonus increase to experience gained from monster kills. Unlike the other Witcher silver swords, this one does not have the requirement of needing the master-crafted version of the item.

Where To Find It

The diagram to craft it can be found in the Termes Palace Ruins during the scavenger hunt quest to get the items. It will be marked by a quest marker on the map. As for the materials they are as follows.

  • Leather Scraps x2
  • Enriched Dimeritium Ingot x2
  • Ruby x1
  • Powdered Monster Tissue x1

Grand Master Griffin Silver Sword

It is important to note that this sword requires to have the master-crafted version of the weapon in order to be crafted. Once it is acquired the player can start working on getting the grandmaster version of the silver sword

The grandmaster silver sword is the best of the griffon school silver swords. Along with a level 40 requirement, it also includes a 21 percent increase to sign intensity, 25 percent bonus to critical hit damage, a percent chance of landing a critical hit, a 10 percent chance to dismember, and a 20 percent increase to XP from monsters slain.

Where To Find It

The diagram for the sword can be found in the bandit-infested Mont Crane Castle. Clear out the bandits to make things easier then head inside the castle. The diagram of the sword can be found inside a lab, after finding a power crystal to get into the lab, on a small round table.

Along with the master-crafted version of the sword, these materials will also be needed to craft it.

  • Leather Scraps x2
  • Enhanced Dimeritium ingot x2
  • Monster heart x1
  • Monster essence x2

Ursine Silver Sword

The first ursine silver sword, which belonged to the Witcher school of the Bear and is needed for better ursine silver swords, provides with it some good stats for a first iteration sword. Along with the usual 20 percent XP bonus for killing monsters, it also includes a five percent bonus to adrenaline point gains, a five percent increase to critical hit chance, and a 10 percent chance to dismember.

Where To Find It

The diagram for it can be found in Skellige on the northern part of the biggest island south of some ancient ruins.  A set of gargoyles are there that must be defeated to proceed. Once they are, head through the door farthest down on the right to find a skeleton holding the diagram. These are the materials needed to craft the sword.

  • 2 leather straps
  • 2 Steel Ingots
  • 1 Monster Essence
  • 1 Monster Tongue

Feline Silver Sword

The last of the Witcher schools silver swords, the feline silver sword provides a good damage output of 240. As well as providing the 20 percent XP bonus for slaying monsters, it also includes a 12 percent bonus to Aard sign intensity with a 5 percent chance of bleeding.

Where To Find It

In the eatern part of Velen lies Est Tayler. A tunnel which can be found by descending through the large hole. A wall that can be destroyed with Aard will have a skeleton containing the diagrams to the sword along with the materials needed to craft it.

  • 1 Leather Strap
  • 2 Silver Ingots
  • 1 Monster Eye
  • 1 Ruby Dust


Another sword returning from The Witcher 2, harpy has two different versions of itself, a crafted and relic version, with the biggest difference being that the relic version has a slightly higher chance to cause bleeding. Both though have a level requirement of 37.

Where To Find It

The relic version can be found during the quest, “Wandering in the Dark, with Keira Metz. The sword can be found in a chest to the right of the first large room encountered during the quest.

The crafted version can be found inside a wooden tower of a bandit camp northeast of Lindenvale and east of the Bloody Baron’s fortress. There may be a chance it will not be there. If it is not, then do not loot it and instead return to it at a later time. The materials needed are as follows.

  • 1 Leather Strap
  • 2 Dimeritium Ingots
  • 1 Ruby
  • 2 Monster Saliva


A reward for completing the There Can Only Be One quest in the Blood and Wine DLC, Aerondight is a powerful sword that has also been seen in the previous two games. Each strike with it will generate a charge that increases sword damage by 10 percent with a guaranteed critical hit once it is fully charged.

Where To Find It

The sword itself can be found on an island situated within Lac Celavy where an old hermit can be found kneeling on top of a lake. He will reveal to Geralt that if he can prove the five chivalric virtues of Toussaint, valor, honor, compassion, generosity and wisdom, he will have a chance of obtaining a reward.

These values can be proven by doing a number of quests within the expansion. The missing values will be told by the hermit if need be. Once all five virtues have been proven, the hermit will fight Geralt in a boss fight.

Once he is defeated, Geralt will receive Aerondight from the Lady of The Lake who was posing as the hermit all along.

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