Things Only Pro Players Know You Can Do In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is an eccentric romp through the mind of an equally eccentric, and slightly bizarre, teenager. It is also filled with little tips and tricks that can help players make the most of their playtime while also maximizing their fun and making them feel like the badasses they are.

Some of these tips may seem incredibly simple, while others you may not have thought of or thought important during your first playthrough. If you’re looking to start your first adventure through the Wonderlands, or just started and are looking for some helpful hints, then you may find several of these tips incredibly helpful.

9 Take Out The Stronger Enemies First

In most RPGs, you would typically take out the weaker, more annoying enemies first, especially in harder ones like Elden Ring. After all, the last thing you want during an encounter is to have 20 health left and retreat to a safe distance from a harder enemy only for a weaker enemy to run up and punch you to death.

However, if you spend more of your abilities and ammo on the stronger enemies, you’ll have a much easier time meleeing the remaining weaker enemies to death when your ammo inevitably runs out. What’s more, weaker enemies will help you if you ever find yourself needing to roll a death save.

8 Keep One Or Two Weaker Enemies Alive

Borderlands has a fun mechanic called second wind where if you are downed, if you snag even one kill, you’ll come right back up so you can keep fighting. In Wonderlands, the name second wind is replaced by death save, but ultimately it is the same exact mechanic.

When you’re downed, it’s worth the effort to find one or two of those weaker enemies that are bound to still be alive and running for you. Whether you kill an enemy that goes down in two-three hits, or one that goes down in 15-20, the results are the same, so make it easier on yourself and save a few of the weaker ones for those epic death save moments.

7 Ability Combos Galore

Grenades from Borderlands are replaced by spells in Wonderlands. Spells are much more powerful, however, and you can equip two of them if you class or multiclass into the Spellshot class.

If not, however, spells still work well with any other action you may have from your other classes. For instance, ice spikes might combo well with the Clawbringer’s cleansing flames action, allowing for some icy-hot mayhem.

6 Choose Your Second Class Wisely

As mentioned before, you get a second class in Wonderlands, similar to Dungeons & Dragon’s multiclassing feature. Like with spells, choose your second class wisely, as your second classes’ feats and actions are just as potent as if they were your primary class.

There are incredible class combos you can choose from to create your own unique experience through the Wonderlands. While you’ll have the chance to change your secondary class at the end of the main campaign, you can’t change your primary class without starting a new character.

5 Luck Is On Your Side

There are lucky dice spread all throughout the overworld and the various maps in Wonderlands. Each one contributes to a 10 percent boost to loot luck, and are well worth the treasure hunt.

You can choose to go in blind and scour the maps for the lucky dice, or you can look up guides for each area as you visit them. They are also spread all throughout the game’s campaign, so they are most helpful in later game content. Be forewarned if you take on this challenge, though, as there are 260 of these dice!

4 Upgrades People, Upgrades

The blacksmith in Brighthoof’s gear enchantment table is a thing of beauty, giving you ways to upgrade your weapons. There are two things to know about the upgrade table. First, you can re-roll enchantments on weapons that didn’t drop with an enchantment, which will give that weapon an immediate boost in power.

Second, after the campaign is over, re-roll the table as often as you can. The last thing you want is to sit forever at a currency cap and waste future rewards. You might as well see what happens when you re-roll just one more time.

3 Save The Side Quests

Saving side quests can be an annoying tip, especially since there are so many funs trips to be had. By all means, play through the side quests you want to when you want to, but if you’re wanting to play Wonderlands for a long time to come, keep in mind that rewards will scale with whatever level you are.

That means unique rewards you get from these side quests will be higher level if you want until the level cap of 40 to do them. They’re also very rewarding if you’re looking to prepare for Chaos Chambers.

2 Redeem Those Cosmetics

One of Wonderlands’ many, many loot drop items is cosmetics. These change your appearance without having any impact on stats or equipment traits. That’s all well and good, who doesn’t want to look their best after all, but cosmetics take up valuable inventory space!

If you do nothing about them, they’ll start piling up, and soon most of your inventory will end up being statless, beautifying items. When you get a cosmetic, unlock it in your inventory to free up space for some real loot. You’ll still be able to equip any cosmetics you unlock this way.

1 Unlock Shrines

Completing dungeons in the overworld will grant you shrine pieces, which, when combined, complete a nearby shrine. Earn. These. Shrine. Pieces.

When you activate a completed shrine, you receive a passive buff that’s permanent. As Tina would say, it’s with you forever Baybay! These buffs range from earning gold, experience points, increasing loot luck, or combat specific traits like resistance and crit damage. Well worth the time investment.

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