This complete retro-inspired gaming system is 60% off the MSRP

There have been some pretty big releases in the gaming console market this month, and we’re sure each will keep people entertained for a few years. But there are just some systems that never go out of style. They’re simple, timeless, and just plain fun. Which is why we’re pleased as punch to offer the Retro TV Game Console at a reduced price.

Unlike those other systems, everything is included here in one neat and tidy package. It comes equipped with 620 popular titles from the 1980’s pre-installed so you’ll never have to go out and spend a small fortune on additional games. It also comes with two wired and vintage-inspired controllers so you can play head to head, an AV cable lets you easily connect it to your TV, and even the exterior looks exactly like one of those 8-bit systems from 35 years ago, albeit scaled down to a fraction of the original size.

The Retro TV Game Console boasts titles that have been adored for nearly four decades and counting. It’s highly likely, in fact, that they’ll outlive anything that’s to come on those newly released and far more expensive consoles. That’s why opting for this one, which is on sale at 60 percent off to just $35.95, could be the best value you’ll find this holiday season.

Prices are subject to change.

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