This Week In Modding: MultiVerse Bans, Shrek In Stray, And More

This week has been good for modding fans – unless you’re playing MultiVersus. Despite having a vibrant modding scene, the publishers don’t want streamers showcasing fan creations, and have been taking down streams that do use them.

Aside from that, there’s been a lot of joke mods floating about this week. So from Shrek in Stray to MultiVersus controversy, here are the biggest modding stories from the past seven days.

MultiVersus Players Are Getting Their Streams Taken Down For Using Mods

Want to play as Walter White in MultiVersus? Better keep that to yourself. Players are having their streams taken down for playing with mods, with Warner Bros. issuing copyright strikes to a whole lot of content creators. This is apparently even affecting those who simply upload videos of their modded gameplay, with WB eager to put players off modding MultiVersus altogether. There’s no word on whether this will result in account bans from the game itself, so be careful out there with your Buff Pikachus and Saul Goodmans.

Half-Life 2 VR Mod Launching Beta This September

Need another excuse to replay Half-Life 2? Well, look no further than this VR mod. This fan-made VR support is set to launch on a Friday this September, although there’s no firm release date just yet. The mod will also improve textures, since players will be up close and personal with the game’s environment. The developers plan to port the whole City 17 trilogy to VR, making it so nearly every Half-Life game can be played like the popular Alyx spin-off. Maybe one day we’ll venture back to Black Mesa in VR.

Fallout 4 Mod Overhauls The Game's Messy Stealth System

Fallout 4’s stealth system kinda sucks. When one enemy detects you, they all communicate telepathically and immediately know your location. But now we have a mod that fixes that, making it so enemies have to actually see you to know where you are, and can no longer see through walls to find where you’re hiding. It even lets you manually alter an NPC’s awareness, adjusting the difficulty if you’re finding too easy.

Wind Waker Mod Rewrites All Dialogue To Give It A Comedic Spin

Someone has rewritten the entirety of Wind Waker, adding new, wild and hilarious dialogue. More than 10,000 lines have been added to the game, courtesy of modder Aproxm, giving the Zelda title a completely fresh coat of paint. In the trailer, you can see how a bird man accuses Link of farting, and calls him a Tosser. And how our hero is greeted with “HOLY SHIT I LOVE CUSTOMERS” when he walks into a store. The romhack is free to download now, and seems to have been a hit with fans so far.

We Can't Get Ogre This Shrek Mod For Stray

Another week, another Stray cosmetic mod. We’ve brought you CJ and Garfield, so naturally, it’s Shrek’s turn now. Thanks to modder Theodor Alef, we can now play through the entire game as a weirdly contorted Shrek model, prancing around a cyberpunk city and giving everyone nightmares in the process. If that sounds up your alley you can download “Be Shrek Be Love” now. But honestly? Most of the fun comes from the trailer.

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