This Week In Red Dead Online (4/12-4/18)

Now is a great time to jump back into Red Dead Redemption 2 as Rockstar Games gives players the opportunity to ramp up their XP and currency gains. From now until June 1, all Free Roam Events will award 50% more XP, RDO$, and Gold. Completing even a single of these events will reward players with a coupon that provides a 50% discount off any Coat that has a rank gate of 15 or below. For simply logging in between April 17 and 20, players will receive a free Ability Card.

New discounts have been added on several popular items, including 30% off all Shotguns, Bandoliers, and Multi Horses, 50% off all Melee weapons, 70% off all Emotes, and 80% off all Ability Cards, making this the perfect time to buy. Alongside those discounts, the newest returning limited-time clothing consists of the Plaid Cap, Macbay Jacket, Clymene Coat, Cardozo Vest, Carver Pants, and more.

Finally, this week’s Featured Series is the newest random weapon variation of Last Stand, which is a real treat for fans of the original game as players head back to where it all began.

Be sure to hop in this week, as a portion of all proceeds from both Red Dead Online and GTA Online through May will go towards relief for those affected by Covid-19.

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