Thor’s Actor Says Voiceover Is Complete For God Of War Ragnarok

Ragnarok is coming. God of War Ragnarok, that is. That's pretty much all we know for certain right now as Sony still hasn't revealed a firm release date. God of War fans remain hopeful the sequel will be here before the end of 2022, and news from one of the game's voice actors has at least let everyone know everything is moving along nicely.

That news comes from The Walking Dead's Ryan Hurst who will be Thor in the next God of War game. Speaking at Comic-Con Revolution last month (via GamesRadar) Hurst revealed he had recently wrapped the last of his work for Ragnarok. Interviewer Steven Alvarez later clarified Hurst is specifically referencing the voice work for the game, not the motion capture.

The reveal that Hurst's voice work for Ragnarok is done doesn't confirm how long we have left to wait for the sequel, but it does suggest there is a chance it really is slated to be here before the end of the year. Hurst revealed a few other things about landing the role of Thor, including the five-hour pitch at his home from the game's creators that convinced him to sign on. Here we are, potentially years later, on the verge of seeing Hurst as Thor for the first time.

Thor is a key character in 2018's God of War despite never actually making an appearance. The God of Thunder's sons prove to be incredibly problematic for Kratos, and a massive statue of Hurst's character is a centerpiece in an area of the game where you have to spend an awful lot of time. The story Ragnarok will follow isn't yet clear, but without spoiling the last game for those who haven't played it, it seems likely Thor will be on a warpath and gunning for Kratos.

One other very interesting tidbit of information Hurst mentioned about Thor is his height. The actor revealed the new character stands at more than seven feet tall, which might mean he towers over Kratos. God of War fans established on Reddit that Kratos is about six foot four inches. How Thor will look in Ragnarok was revealed a while ago, prompting a little bit of backlash from those who are used to characters called Thor looking like Chris Hemsworth.

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