Three massive Xbox games are free this weekend!

Another weekend, another selection of free games to get stuck into.

As with most weeks, we're seeing Mircosoft allow players to play some of the biggest new and old releases for a totally free weekend – offering a great 'try before you buy' demo for undecided fans.

As has been the case for a while now, this weekend Xbox giving away a selection of free games to play – as long as you're a member of any Xbox Live Gold and/or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate memberships.

These freebies don't last forever, and they're all on a pretty strict timer, so make sure you download and play sooner rather than later.

Without further ado, let's tell you what's in store.

Currently, players can download Borderland 3, Rainbow Six Siege and Prison Architect.

So if you want to demo some of 2019's most highly-anticipated releases, make sure you log on and download sooner rather than later.

Borderlands 3, Rainbow Six Siege, and Prison Architect: Xbox One Edition are all available to download right now and will be available until Sunday, November 24 at 11:59 p.m. PST.

For those in the UK, that's actually Monday, November 11 at 7.59 am GMT.

However, when we suggest you be quick to download the games. That's not us trying to be funny, the games are, genuinely big.

Borderlands 3, for instance, is a pretty significant 44.48GB on Xbox One consoles, so make sure you start downloading the title ahead of time if you want to take a shot at Gearbox's newest looter shooter.

If you like the games and want to keep playing once the free trials expire, worry not: you can pick up each title at a decent discount.

Borderlands 3, for instance, is the newest of the three, but you'll be able to pick it up for a pretty decent £35.99 if you're an Xbox Live Gold subscriber.

Any progress you've made and any achievements you've unlocked from the Free Play Days demos will also carry over, too – so you won't be wasting any time if you jump into the game to try it out first.

Want to know more about each game? Then keep reading for more details.

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Xbox Live Free Play Days FAQ

One of the perks of both an Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership: Xbox Free Play Days!

These special events are exclusive to Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members, giving you the opportunity to play select, fully featured hot games for free. All points earned and purchased DLC carries over if you purchase the game at the end of the free period.

Don’t have an Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership yet? No problem! All Xbox Live members can play online with friends for free during Xbox Free Play Days for All events.

Borderlands 3

"Combining the exhilarating action of a first-person shooter with the rich progression and loot systems of a role-playing game, Borderlands 3 expands and improves many of the key pillars that made the series a critical and commercial success, while also introducing innovative new features to its proven formula."

"With best-in-class shooting, deeper-than-ever customization, irreverent humor, memorable characters, and intuitive, innovative cooperative multiplayer, Borderlands 3 marks the culmination of nearly five years of development and re-establishes the series as a true genre leader."

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is back for Free Play Days, a great opportunity for new players to try the game.

The event coincides with Rainbow Six Siege’s new cross over with Netflix’s “Money Heist” (aka “La Casa de Papel”) for a special in-game event that begins today, adding a new, show-inspired mode and cosmetic items until November 24.

Engage in tense, tactical firefights involving team gameplay to best the enemy teams with an ever-growing arsenal of gadgets and Operators to play as

Prison Architect: Xbox One Edition

Design and manage a maximum-security prison. In addition, Double Eleven launched ‘The Shovel’, their first free update since Paradox Interactive took over the Prison Architect brand in January.

The free update brings 30 new items, 6 new wall types and 2 new floor tiles, as well as a range of gameplay tweaks to both the base game and the popular Escape Mode DLC.


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