Thymesia – How To Defeat The God Of The Fools

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One of the cooler aspects of Thymesia’s level design is the concept of Sub Quests. These give you a reason to revisit old areas and experience them with new challenges and enemies. From time to time, you will also be asked to defeat new bosses, and the God Of The Fools is one such boss.

Despite being a God, this guy is a pushover. He is the size of a skyscraper, sure, but the challenge in this fight is actually the level itself – not the boss. Like with The Hanged Queen, God Of The Fools ends up being more of a gimmick fight. The trick is, that you need to know how to deal with the gimmick.

God Of The Fools’ Overview

The not-quite-so-final encounter in the Sea Of Trees area of Thymesia. God Of The Fools is an impressively large monstrosity that embodies everything this area had going for it – namely the copious amounts of poison and a tendency to grow cysts in less-than-ideal locations.

The general idea here is to destroy Cysts, run like crazy, and scale the nearby scaffolding whilst killing countless high-tier enemies along the way. This fight is more about resource management and testing your ability to deal with powerful enemies in a stressful environment. The God Of The Fools is more of an afterthought.

God Of The Fools’ Attacks

The God Of The Fools might not be the focus of this fight, but that doesn’t mean he can’t kill you if you are too busy being cocky. All of his attacks deal massive damage, and he is likely to kill you in two hits if you haven’t boosted your Vitality. Three direct hits will be lights out for just about anyone.

Oh, and don’t forget the poison.

The God Of Fools can only hit you if you are standing on a walkway. Therefore, the counter to every one of his attacks is to not dilly-dally. His attacks are easy to read, so you shouldn’t get hit often – if at all.

Hand SlamGod Of The Fools lifts his hand and then slams it on top of Corvus. He will do this attack three times, with long delays between each slam, however, the stun this attack inflicts makes it very difficult to escape from.
Hand SwipeGod Of The Fools places his hand on the walkway and then drags it across damaging anything it touches. This attack is well telegraphed.
Plague SpewGod Of The Fools rears back its head and then spews poison onto the walkway. This poison will kill you in seconds. Healing with a potion will let you survive the poison as it doesn’t linger for long.

Recommended Talents

For Talents, all you need to do is upgrade your Feathers to have a higher capacity and a faster recharge speed. This is because you want to destroy any Cysts as quickly as possible, and it takes six Feathers to do that.

You could also consider Feather Dash. This will teleport you to any Cyst you hit, which will put you in poison. However, your basic attacks deal much more damage than your Feathers, so you can use this to destroy the Cyst before the poison starts dealing damage.

Battle Strategy


The intended solution for this fight is to slowly make your way up the nearby scaffolding and kill every enemy you come across. All the while, dealing with any Cyst that blocks your way. You can do this, and it’s very easy to do. If you have gotten this far, then none of the enemies in this location will be a threat.

Alternate Speed Route

Alternatively, you could just ignore everyone and just run to the end. You will still need to destroy any Cysts you encounter, but this is easily done with Feathers/Feather Dash. You can avoid most fights in this area simply by running past them, so if you are having trouble, just do that.

Do be aware that the boss will try and kill you. Walkways are dangerous, and you will have to cross them to progress. This can also play into your favour if you are running, however. The boss can damage – and even kill – his allies if they are on the walkway, which makes escaping your pursuers far easier.

To kill the boss, get to the Execution Point and enjoy the cutscene.

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