Top 10 do’s and don’ts when visiting casinos – like not putting drinks on tables

The major do’s and don’ts when visiting a casino include not walking behind the croupier, not using your phone near the table – and don’t put drinks on the betting tables. A poll of 500 people, who gamble, found 24 percent had seen behaviour in casinos which could get you in trouble.

Sitting at a table when not gambling (23 percent), and disturbing other players (46 percent), were other faux-pas seen by those who have witnessed such behaviour. However, eight in ten of those polled said casinos were not places people should feel intimidated by.

Expert Steve Madgwick, who gives coaching on etiquette and behaviour in casinos, said: “There are certain no-go’s which will be common sense to most casino visitors – such as excessive drinking, touching someone else’s chips, or trying to cheat.

“But there are also a number of frowned-on behaviours that many people won’t be aware of, such as putting your drink on the table, having your phone out, and touching your cards at the wrong time or in the wrong way.

“Don’t be put off attending the casino, thinking that you need to dress up like James Bond. Casinos around the UK, and those along the strip in Vegas, typically have a smart-casual dress code which most will follow during the day – but come the evening, you’ll see more people in formal business attire. 

“Whilst beachwear and sportswear aren’t normally appropriate at any time, neither do you need to go super smart. Somewhere in between, and you will blend in nicely.”

The study also found playing without understanding the rules, leaving items unattended, and excessive drinking, feature on the top 10 list of gambling no-nos.

And late bets on a roulette wheel, wearing dark glasses, and “overstaying your welcome”, are other things to avoid when laying bets in a gaming house.

When witnessing a betting blunder, 59 percent would turn a blind eye, while just 11 percent would quietly correct the error.

Nearly a third (31 percent) of those polled reckon there are lots of rules and regulations that might put off people from visiting casinos.

However, although 21 percent feel they are too strict, half of respondents said these guidelines are “just right” at keeping people in check.

One in five respondents have even seen someone escorted out of a casino – while six percent have been the one to be shown the door themselves.

Of those who have dabbled in both in-person and online betting, the physical experience of visiting a gaming house is the preferred option (33 percent), over a virtual experience (31 percent).

The research, conducted via OnePoll, also found it’s not until the second visit that casino-goers have felt more at ease with gaming etiquette – although 74 percent agreed you don’t need to “know everything” to enjoy yourself in a casino.

It also emerged lottery draws were found to be the most popular choice for gamblers (64 percent), followed by betting on horse racing (49 percent), and purchasing scratch cards (48 percent). And the typical gambler tries their luck seven times a month, on average, chancing £54 in total.

A spokesman for OLBG added. “Many people can find their first visit to a casino a bit intimidating, as it feels as though everyone else knows exactly what to do.

“You don’t need to know everything before you enter a casino to have a good time. You will find casino croupiers to be very friendly and happy to explain how everything works, as long as it isn’t at a really busy time.”

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