Tower Of Fantasy – Astra Ruin A-01 Dungeon Guide

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We've all heard of the doomsday when the Earth will be destroyed and humanity will have to find another home, but this has actually happened in Tower Of Fantasy. The game's set on planet Aida, where humanity escaped to for avoiding extinction. There are a lot of secrets for Wanderers to explore in this land.

There are multiple requirements when it comes to exploring a certain area and ruins are one of them. Astra is the first major area in the game that contains three ruins. You only need to clear all three of them on easy mode to keep progressing, but completing them on higher levels gives you more chests and extra rewards.

How To Fully Clear Ruin A-01 On Easy Mode

When you progress through the main story, you'll come across the first ruin when you head over to meet Franz with Shirli. At this moment, you won't be able to enter the ruin, but you'll come back in the future to finish it on easy mode. You're required to do this for advancing in the story.

Since this ruin is required, it isn't that hard to beat on easy mode. However, there are two new chests on every single mode that give you a lot of goodies, and it can be pretty hard to find these. In each ruin, the easy mode has two chests, normal has four, and hard has six.

The two chests from easy mode are in the same position even on normal mode, with two new chest locations. Similarly, the hard mode also has two new chest locations.

Once you enter the ruin on easy mode, you will have a little dialogue with Mi-a and another robot. After this, you'll be left to explore the ruins yourself. The first thing you'll notice is a couple of explosive barrels in front of a vulnerable wall.

Here, you'll also have to defeat a few Hyenas to clear this starting area. Once it's done, you can simply shoot at an explosive barrel with a ranged weapon or pick them up and throw them at the vulnerable wall. This will open the path to the next area.

Before going to the next area, look towards the right side, where you'll see a small tile with yellow cracks on it. This is where you'll find your first chest in easy mode. Pick up an explosive barrel and throw it at the tile. Once the tile breaks, the first chest will be visible to you, and you can claim it.

Now, head over to the next area and you'll have to defeat some more Hyenas to clear the room. You can throw another explosive barrel toward them to get rid of some of their health. Once you've defeated them, the second chest in the easy mode will spawn in the middle of the doorway to the next room.

After claiming it, simply cross the bridge in front and defeat even more Hyenas in the next room. This is the last room you need to clear before the boss battle. You can make use of the barrels scattered across this room to deal more damage to the enemies, just make sure you don't hurt yourself in the process.

Once this room is clear, another door will open on the back right, leading you to Hyenatron. This is the boss you'll have to kill to clear the ruin. It has up to three stacks of health and can easily deal a lot of damage to your character.

If you attack its weak spot enough, the boss will get disabled for a little while, in which you can mount and constantly stab it to deal a ton of damage in very less time. Upon defeating Hyenatron, the last room will open containing the exit and your final rewards.

You can also use the Missile Barrage relic to destroy the vulnerable tiles on the map. But, this has a cooldown, and you can't use it multiple times at once, so you'd want to save this relic to deal a lot of damage to the boss.

How To Fully Clear Ruin A-01 On Normal Mode

The enemies and rooms across different difficulties stay the same in a particular ruin, but their levels increase. In the normal mode of A-01, you'll face enemies of level 25. As mentioned above, you'll find the two chests that you got on easy mode in this one as well, at the exact same locations.

For the first normal mode chest, you need to head over to the room just before the main boss room. One in which you fight a bunch of Hyenas. Here, you'll see a vulnerable tile with yellow cracks on the back end of the room just beside a few explosive barrels.

You know the drill already, acquire this chest and then turn around to find the second chest in the same room. You'll notice that the main statue beside the wall also has yellow cracks, so you can destroy this to get your second normal chest, making it four chests including the ones in the same location as easy mode.

How To Fully Clear Ruin A-01 On Hard Mode

You can find the first chest on hard mode at the very beginning of the ruin. There's a wall on your left, high above that is vulnerable, and it also casually has some barrels right beside it. All you have to do is shoot these barrels with a ranged weapon, and you'll unlock the chest.

The main problem comes in actually reaching it. You can't use your Jetpack within the ruins, so the only way to get that high up is by using the Omnium Handcannon relic. You acquire this relic by beating another ruin along the storyline.

Next, you'll find the four chests in the same location as normal mode here as well, bringing the total up to five. For the final chest, look over to the left side of the staircase in the final room before the boss room, and you'll find another vulnerable tile right beside the statue.

After claiming all the chest and beating Hyenatron once again, you'll fully clear Ruin A-01 on every difficulty.

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