Triangle Strategy: Chapter 8, Part 1 – Weather The Storm Walkthrough

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  • Main Story: Castle Wolffort
  • Main Story: Whiteholm Castle
  • Side Story: Citadel of the Sands
  • Main Story: Castle Wolffort
  • Voting Event: Castle Wolffort
  • The Vote

With its zigzagging storyline, Triangle Strategy is the sort of role-playing game that's perfect for multiple playthroughs. By this point in your journey, you will have already made a couple of colossal choices that have dictated which version of Chapter Eight you have received. In this version, "Weather the Storm," a series of main story scenes cascade toward yet another challenging decision.

Will you side with a relentless foe against a conniving new threat? Or are old wounds too painful for such considerations? Read on to get the full scoop.

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Main Story: Castle Wolffort

Serenoa's bad days keep getting worse when news reaches the castle of Roland's impending execution. Another scene, popping up on the map shortly after the first, brings to the house's attention Sorsley Ende's nefarious new plot.

Main Story: Whiteholm Castle

Receiving word of Serenoa's stunning request for aid, Gustadolph contemplates his next course of action.

Side Story: Citadel of the Sands

Sorsley and Booker prepare for their invasion of the Wolffort Demesne.

Main Story: Castle Wolffort

Frederica is increasingly disillusioned with the war. All things considered, it's hard to blame her for it.

We interrupt this scene-by-scene replay for something relevant to your reading — Character Stories. By now, you've likely recruited at least a handful of fresh faces to the cause. Recruitable characters seldom play a vital role in the main storyline, but typically possess engaging little plot arcs of their own. It can be a challenge deciding who to keep leveled and geared for the game's big battles, so remember that if a unit is even just slightly below the recommended level for a fight, they will gain experience points at a rapid pace. This can be exceedingly useful for getting a weaker optional character in excellent shape.

Voting Event: Castle Wolffort

And thus, we arrive at this short half-chapter's important playable moments. Your goal here is to convince the team whether to accept Aesfrost's aid and fight Sorsley or conspire with Sorsley to launch a surprise attack on Aesfrost. Needless to say, the ramifications are huge either way.

Participant Leanings
Allying with AesfrostAnna, Hughette
Allying with HyzanteFrederica, Erador
UndecidedBenedict, Geela
  • Frederica: To change her mind about allying with Aesfrost, select the second dialogue choice and then discuss 'Whither Prince Roland' if that information is available to you. This can be found during Chapter Seven, Part Two's Exploration Phase.
  • Benedict: To compel Benedict to attack Aesfrost, choose 'Sorsley's Responsibilities' or, barring that, the second dialogue option. Next, mention 'Aesfrost's Guiding Principle'. This can also be found during Chapter Seven, Part Two's Exploration Phase. Compelling him to battle Sorsley is harder.
  • Erador: He's not big on fighting alongside the Aesfrosti, to say the least. Convincing him otherwise will be difficult.
  • Hughette: If you want her to attack Aesfrost, you'll need 'Whither Prince Roland'. By default, Hughette appears to be against betraying Aesfrost's trust, surprisingly.
  • Anna: She's in favor of accepting Aesfrost's aid at the outset, but fairly easy to bring to either side of the table here.
  • Geela: If you'd have Geela agree with a fight against Sorsley, you will need, you guessed it, 'Whither Prince Roland'. Mind you, she seems quite tough to convince to side with the duchy, anyway (at least on our file).

The Vote

Will House Wolffort ally with the Holy State of Hyzante, their goal to decimate the Aesfrosti forces? Or is Sorsley simply too snakelike, and Gustadolph too cunning to defy at this juncture? Your choice, as ever, sets the next course in motion.

Next chapters coming soon!

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