Twitch Mom Knows How To Handle Trolls In League Of Legends

This week, a Swedish mom proved her wholesomeness by perfectly dealing with a troll when streaming League of Legends on Twitch. It is no secret that competitive games such as LoL and Overwatch house many abrasive personalities who are quick to snap at allies if they do not play to their liking. Unfortunately for “omg_mom_play_lol,” she fell victim to the attempted flaming from a fellow player.

Her teammate was upset that she was playing too passively and decided to let her know by using colorful language. As angry and hurtful as the troll tried to be, she masterfully handled the rudeness by reading his remarks aloud and belly-laughing at them. The LoL mom genuinely found the fact that she was called a “pussy” amusing, chuckling while slowly typing out “ha ha ha… ok… I will go more aggro.”

It is one thing to deal with a rude teammate with grace, but it is another thing entirely to also try to accommodate them. Amazingly, omg_mom was quick to take the ill-mannered criticism into account and joyfully went on with match.

Supposedly, her kids were the ones to get her into gaming in the first place. There are all-too-many stories of younger gamers and their parents clashing over the purpose of video games, yet this open-minded mother decided to check out “what [it is] that all [these] young people like to spend hours” on.

Her story is a beautiful one – transforming from an apprehensive and judgmental parent to one that shares in the gaming passions of her children. Not only that, people have been drawn to her humble and sincere journey into learning LoL, universally well-received by Twitch users who find her channel.

The clip of omg_mom laughing at her troll teammate’s remarks has already gathered over 120,000 views. This isn’t her first run-in with exposure however, as popular streamer Grossie_Gore also gave her attention at some point in the past. She has also commented on the fact that she hopes her presence will inspire other mom-gamers to come forward with their enjoyment of the hobby – believing there are plenty more that people don’t know about.

Regardless, it is heartwarming to see such a gentle and patient soul take to the gaming and streaming scene. We can all learn from how well she dealt with negativity; sometimes it’s simply better to laugh things off.

Sources: Twitch, Reddit

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