Twitch Streamer Sliker Permanently Banned Following Claims Of Being Hacked

Gambling streamer Sliker who was recently at the centre of a controversy due to scamming viewers and colleagues out of hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund his gambling addiction has been banned from Twitch.

As is often the case with Twitch bans, the reason behind it is unknown. As reported by Clutch Points, Sliker's channel went live on January 26, with a Guy Fawkes mask and a title, "This channel is mine now". Sliker claims his channel was hacked, so this could be the reason for the recent ban, more to protect his account than anything else.

Sliker's alt account was banned on January 26, and his main one was reported for ban evasion after the alleged hack – possibly due to the stream, or because Sliker commented in his chat that he wasn't the one streaming. It could be the case that this current ban is due to ban evasion, or it could be the fact he scammed people out of a lot of money, but it seems a bit late to ban him for that.

In the wake of Sliker's gambling addiction hurting not only himself, but fans and fellow streamers, big names such as Pokimane and Mizkif called on gambling to be banned on the platform. Twitch has since updated its policy and has expanded its rules on gambling streams, so while they aren't outright banned, there's a stricter code of conduct surrounding them.

Ludwig and xQc managed to repay all the people scammed by Sliker. They repaid $250,000 to 72 people.

In other streamer news, Logan Paul is being sued in a class action lawsuit over his NFT game CryptoZoo. Paul is named in the suit along with others involved in the project, Danielle Strobel, Jeffery Levin, Eduardo Ibanez, Crypto King (Jake Greenabum, and Ophir Bentov. A jury trial is being requested, meaning this could become quite a public case if it goes forward. This follows reports from Youtuber Coffeezilla that claim millions of dollars have been scammed from people investing in the game.

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