Two Of Hades’ Best Songs Were Recorded In Abbey Road (Yes, Where The Beatles Recorded Albums)

Hades is one of the best dungeon crawling rogue-like games that you can play. It’s also got one of the best soundtracks around. In fact, two of Hades’ best songs were recorded at Abbey Road— yes the Abbey Road of Beatles fame.

TheGamer was lucky enough to score an interview with the game’s composer, Darren Korb. During that interview, we learned a lot about what went into the soundtrack for Hades and the inspiration behind the music. For example, Radiohead’s vocalist Thom Yorke was the inspiration for Orpheus’ mythical sound— a sound which is said to have brought the gods to tears and made the trees dance.

Of course, when you’re trying to imagine what music is appropriate for a game like Hades, it helps to be standing in a studio that some of the Titans of the music industry once called home. Darren Korb is an award-winning composer who works nearly exclusively for Supergiant games, the studio that developed Hades. To celebrate Supergiant’s 10 year anniversary, the company wanted to put together a collection of its greatest songs. Sparing no expense for the endeavor, Abbey Road was chosen to be the location of the orchestral recordings for the anniversary album. Not one to waste money (or opportunities), Korb recorded two songs from Hades in addition to the compilation album during his time at Abbey Road.

These songs aren’t only instrumental compositions. In fact, the majority of them do have vocal tracks which were provided – in addition to Korb’s own vocals – by longtime collaborator Ashley Barrett. The end result is a collection of songs that are unlike anything else in gaming. That’s to say nothing of the two which are now included in Hades — including On The Coast, an instrumental piece that is crucial to the story of Hades.

Korb considers his time at Abbey Road and the recording of both, On The Coast and In The Blood (the game’s end credit song) to be the highlight of his involvement with the project. During our interview, he said, “It took me so far out of my comfort zone in the best way. I’m really thrilled with the result and I love how In The Blood came out from a production standpoint, and creatively. I’m so pleased with how all that happened, and the experience of doing it was such a dream.”

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