Two Point Campus: How To Increase Campus Hygiene

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Two Point Campus is a university campus management simulator from Two Point Studios. While the games in the Two Point series have a comic tone, some of it rings incredibly true, for instance in its presentation of campus hygiene and how to manage it.

It's a fact that an unchecked body of students and staff living and congregating communally might result in biohazard level incidents of hygiene avoidance. Thankfully, there are facilities, useful items, and staff management on hand to ensure that doesn't happen.

Hire And Train

Once you start putting down anything that needs maintenance in your building you will need someone to maintain and clean it. These are the jobs the janitors take on, and they will need to be on hand as hygiene hazards, from broken toilets to overflowing bins, appear.

It might be surprising the amount of times the game will remind you that you need more janitors, especially if you've added a lot of rugs, plants, machines and so on. Hire them as you add to your buildings, and keep an eye on their energy levels and whether jobs are getting done to indicate if you might need another hire or more training.

Training Staff

Once Mitton University, is unlocked, you will be able to start training staff in different specialties, giving each of the janitors the full set of skills they should have.

Training can provide the ability to specialize your team. A higher trained janitor, with different skill sets, like maintenance, mechanics, and quick movement, may be able to do the job of two or three untrained janitors at once. Now imagine what three or four highly trained janitors could do together.

All The Right Facilities

As in reality, you will need bathrooms and showers to cater to students and staff, who have bathroom comfort and cleanliness as factors in their statistics. You will need more rooms and stalls the more people on campus you have, and this will be become clear the more that people are jumping around holding their groins, or are surrounded by flies and stink lines.

These rooms are amongst the smallest in the game and can be put in anywhere. You should also include sinks, dryers and hand towels to bring these up to a usable, prestigious standard for your campus community.

If a student or staff member is assigned to another task, sometimes this will override their bathroom and shower needs, and you may need to cancel an activity or destination for them to make sure they can attend their needs. For a teacher or assistant this means replacing them with another employee, which you can do by dragging the replacement to the room where they need to take over from their colleague.

Essential Items

While the above are the main ways to raise your hygiene level, the game puts in a consideration of other things an environment needs to ensure people are hygienic and safe. One of the two main items that feature in this way are wall based hand sanitizers, an essential post-2020. The other is the bins you will need to buy, since littering is a habit rife across the whole campus.

Adding these to your campus will raise its hygiene levels, and everything in place, your percentage score should go up quickly.

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