Ubisoft Employees Aren’t Happy About New NFT Push

A new report from Kotaku reveals that Ubisoft employees are just as confused and upset about the recent NFT push as everyone else. If you missed it, Ubisoft is rolling out new cosmetics which double as NFTs, the first of which has a whole list of stipulations for eligibility. One is that you need 600 hours of playtime in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

"I still don't understand the 'problem' being solved here," an employee said. "Is it really worth the (extremely) negative publicity this will cause?" Another added, "How can you look at private property, speculation, artificial scarcity, and egoism, then say 'yes this is good, I want that, let's put it in art?'"

Ubisoft's new initiative is called Quartz, while the in-game items (the NFTs in question) are called Digits. They have unique serial numbers, so not only are you paying for a costly microtransaction, but you get a receipt that proves it's really, really yours. You can only buy these with cryptocurrency which is where the question of how eco-friendly they are comes from. These concerns over how environmentally friendly NFTs are aren't just something being asked outside of the company – employees too raised this concern.

"I normally try to stay positive on our announcements, but this one is upsetting," a third employee stated. These were comments left on Ubisoft's internal social media hub, a platform called MANA.

Aside from the environment, a key concern raised was whether Ubisoft would start to mandate NFTs in certain games, essentially forcing developers to make them a part of the experience. So far, they're only in Ghost Recon, but it seems to be testing the waters for bigger, more popular titles. Perhaps we'll see Assassin's Creed with monkey masks or Pulp Fiction camos in Rainbow Six Siege.

Whatever the case, the response has been anything but positive. While YouTube has removed the ability to see dislikes, certain browser extensions can bring them back, and the announcement had a staggering 16,000 as of last week. That number has since risen.

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