Ubisoft Is Working On Three Games That Are Beyond Triple-A (Apparently)

When Ubisoft is not busy negatively framing social movements in its games, or letting fired executives still hold stock in the company, the publisher is hard at work on new games. Beyond Good & Evil 2 has been a title on a lot of our minds since its long-rumored development and reveal in the past few years. Although we have not seen much since the last reveal of early in-game footage, Beyond Good & Evil 2 is shaping up to be a massive next-gen title.

Leaks and rumors are Ubisoft’s brand, the publisher cannot seem to catch a break with leaks, and recently some rumors are pointing towards new developments with Beyond Good & Evil 2. Not only is Beyond Good & Evil 2 still in development, but is one of two “AAAA” titles Ubisoft is working on for next-gen.

The Era of Quadruple A

On ResetEra, user Raigor posted a series of tweets showcasing job listing details for new Ubisoft titles. It seems that Beyond Good & Evil 2 is being pitched not only as a next-generation title but a AAAA title and an open-universe game. Marketing jargon aside, Beyond Good & Evil 2 seems to be an open-world game, possibly on a scale far larger than previous Ubisoft titles. It could be what Ubisoft is hoping solidifies its presence for next-gen as upcoming titles are becoming quite ambitious.

Interestingly enough, Ubisoft is not putting all its eggs in one basket and also has other “bigger than AAA” titles in production. On Fabian Salomon’s LinkedIn page, Fabian states that “if you want to work on a Ubisoft AAAA game, Bordeaux Studio is made for you,” and has been working with the studio for the past three years as a producer. Having been a producer at Ubisoft Paris for 14 years, it seems likely that Fabian was moved to Ubisoft Bordeaux to help with an ambitious project. Fabian previously helped with Watch Dogs 2.

Another interesting listing found was a senior producer on Ubisoft’s upcoming Skull and Bones, which is also listed as a quadruple A title. What quadruple A even means outside of a new flashy term to market to consumers is yet to be seen, but maybe we can get some reveals quite soon.

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