Ubisoft Massive Is Working On A New Star Wars Project

First Indiana Jones, now Lucasfilm Games has revealed it is working on a brand new open-world Star Wars game.

It has been a big week already for the newly rebranded Lucasfilm Games, a rebrand that was announced this past Monday. 24 hours later, the studio revealed it was teaming up with Bethesda for an all-new Indiana Jones game. Well, you can make it three bombshells in three days as Wired has now revealed an all-new open-world Star Wars game is on the way.

The untitled Star Wars game is still in very early development. So early, in fact, that recruitment for it is ongoing. The most interesting thing we know about the game so far is who will be developing it. Not EA, which has been at the helm of every Star Wars game released for the past nine years. Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment will be heading up the project this time around.

Star Wars fans might have a bit of a wait on there hands for this one. In fact, the earliest it could possibly arrive will be 2023. That’s due to the fact EA’s exclusivity deal when it comes to the development of Star Wars games doesn’t run out until then. Since recruitment for the game is still underway, there’s no chance it will be finished and ready to go before then anyway.

That’s assuming this will be as big an undertaking as it appears on the surface. Even though very little is known about the game at present, the assumption is that this will be a massive project with a lot of expectations. While the final trilogy of movies might have lowered the bar for Star Wars fans, The Mandalorian and EA’s Jedi Fallen Order have raised it somewhat.

Even though nothing has been revealed about where or when in the Star Wars universe the game will take place, it does already have a creative director attached. Julian Gerighty who also directed The Division 2 and The Crew. Lucasfilm Games has also revealed the game will make use of Ubisoft Massive’s Snowdrop engine. Beyond that, anything is possible, Let your imaginations run wild, as many of you most likely already have.

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