Uncharted 5 may be first project of new Sony studio suggest fans

A top Sony developer has revealed he’s working on revivals of dormant first party franchises, but does that mean it’s Uncharted?

There are two rules which every company follows when it comes to movies based on video games: make sure they’re awful and make sure there are no new games coming out at the same time, to benefit from the publicity.

The Assassin’s Creed movie coming out the first year for nearly a decade that there wasn’t a new game is probably the most extreme example but Uncharted is in the same position, at least as far as we know for certain…

The upcoming movie with Tom Holland is being made despite the fact that there hasn’t been a new video game entry since 2016 and series creators Naughty Dog seem to have no plans for more. But that doesn’t mean someone else can’t make a new game.

Naughty Dog has already said that their next game is likely to be either something new or The Last Of Us Part 3, and Sony has so far given no hint that the keys to the series could be handed to someone else.

Michael Mumbauer, the former studio head and senior director of internal Sony team Visual Arts, may have though, after his LinkedIn page described him having built, ‘a brand new, all-star, AAA action/adventure development team for PlayStation’.

The kicker though is when he says the team, ‘was assembled to expand upon existing franchises and craft all new stories for the next generation of gamers’.

Whatever he’s talking about is something we haven’t heard about officially and while technically he could be describing any dormant PlayStation franchise, we somehow doubt he’s talking about Knack 3.

Fans have already seized the phrase ‘AAA action/adventure development’, which although vague does certainly describe Uncharted.

It would also definitely make sense, given the movie and the fact that you don’t abandon a multi-million franchise just because the original developer has moved on.

We’ll have to wait and see if there’s an official announcement, or a more indiscreet LinkedIn update, but the chances of Uncharted being over as a game franchise have always seemed remote.

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