Valorant beta gameplay tips: Character guide, best weapons and how to win

The Valorant beta was officially released on April 7, with keys given out by League of Legends developers Riot games to lucky Twitch viewers. Valorant’s limited distribution has already made it a record-breaker, as Twitch views crossed 1.7 million within one day, passing Fortnite’s record-breaking 10th season black hole ending.

Valorant characters

Valorant’s playstyle is a five vs five fps, and Riot is aiming to create at least 10 characters.

The developers have announced 10 total characters so far, each of which comes with unique abilities, 36 in total.

Riot has split characters into four distinct categories: Duelists, Sentinels, Initiators and Controllers.


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Here are the characters Riot has announced so far:


  • Breach: A bulky, moustachioed Valorant agent with a focus on crowd control and defence, Breach has abilities which focus on blinding and disorientation which make him ideal in an offensive.
  • Sova: A ranged attacker who uses a bow in battle, Sova is ideally placed as a scout. He has an owl drone which allows him to tag enemies, and a versatile range of arrows to surprise them.


  • Brimstone: Brimstone focuses on tactical engagement, with his abilities geared towards the minimap. Two out of four allow him to drop airstrikes, while smoke grenades and area of effect buffs make him a useful defender.
  • Viper: Viper’s crowd control is rooted in chemical warfare, with a tactical focus using grenades to slow enemies. She comes with abilities such as poison cloud and snakebite which deal damage in a wide area.
  • Omen: As the name suggests, Omen’s place is in the shadows, and is another character with enhanced mobility. He can teleport around the map, fire projectiles through walls and reduce other players’ vision much like Brimstone.


  • Cypher: Cypher is one of Valorant’s covert agents, who focusses on using the environment against people. He deposits traps wherever needed, and has abilities which focus on utility over damage, making him capable of covering multiple areas on the map.
  • Sage: Sage is Valorant’s primary (and only) healer, who much like Cypher doesn’t come with offensive abilities. She can both heal and revive allies and has orbs which aid ally mobility and defence.


  • Jett: Jett is Valorant’s resident ninja, with a play style which focuses on mobility. She comes with abilities such as boost jump, and blade storm, which together allow her to rain down attacks on enemy players.
  • Phoenix: Phoenix is a fire-wielding pyromancer who can use his flames with versatility to control the tide of battle. He can create walls, a molotov with a wide area of effect and has an ultimate ability which brings him back to life.
  • Raze: Where other characters focus on tactics or utility, Raze’s ability lies in full-frontal assault. She comes equipped with a robotic detonator, rocket launcher and grenades.

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The best weapons in Valorant

Valorant comes with a selection of six weapon types to start, with credit tiers from least to most expensive in each category.

Weapon categories include rifles, sniper rifles, sidearms, submachine guns, shotguns and machine guns.

Players may be attracted to the most expensive weapons in the game, but these aren’t necessarily the best, as they vary by situation and player.

As such, there is no best weapon, overall, and players should spend time with several different types to see what works best for them.

How to win at Valorant

Valorant promises to be Riot’s answer to CS:GO but combined with Overwatch.

Five vs five gunplay and a wide variety of character abilities make each match a new experience, and there is no one way to win.

Players need to reach a limit of 13 points with each round, and with an objective focus, it rewards those players who focus on tactics, precision and speed in using abilities to corner enemies before killing them.

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