VALORANT Teases Return of Reaver Skin Collection

Riot Games has seemingly teased the return of the ever-popular Reaver skin collection, which was available during VALORANT’s closed beta. A teaser was posted on the VALORANT Twitter account yesterday, with Riot asking fans to “decode” the image.

Despite their popularity, the Reaver skins have not been a part of VALORANT since the game’s official launch. The purple-and-gold-colored weapon cosmetics were a fan favorite, with players asking for their return since the game’s release. Riot finally hinted at their return yesterday, with a multilingual teaser image.

The picture included the Reaver Vandal’s scope along with a purple background. According to various translations, the words included in the picture are variants of “I’m coming back,” or similar statements implying the return of something. Fans were quick to point out that this is likely hinting at a Reaver return.

Like all VALORANT skins, the Reaver collection will be available to purchase with VALORANT Points, should it actually return to the game’s cosmetic store. The entire collection cost 5,325 VALORANT Points in the beta, though there’s no telling if the price will remain the same. Individual gun skins stood at 1,775 Points each, with cosmetics for the Vandal, Operator, and Sheriff. The Reaver knife set players back 3,550 Points on its own.

The Reaver skins also had visual upgrade options, which were available to unlock via Radianite Points. The upgrades gave the skins extra visual effects, including reload and kill animations. The Reaver collection’s upgraded animations were more subtle than some others, like the Oni or Elder Flame collections, but still added an extra flare to the cosmetics.

The Reaver collection’s return has also been confirmed by reliable VALORANT data miner ValorLeaks on Twitter. ValorLeaks says the skins will return to the game as the “Halloween Skins,” and that they will be “new and improved.” This may mean an update to the Radianite visual upgrades, or a revamp for the collection in its entirety.

If the collection does end up being part of the Halloween update, we should see its return in the coming days. The skins may re-enter the store as part of the October 27th update, which will also see the addition of newest agent Skye.

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