Velvet_7 Confused (Again) Over Indefinite Ban On Twitch

Twitch has banned Velvet_7 yet again, but this time her suspension is permanent in nature. The South Korean streamer quickly took to Twitter to explain her confusion in the situation, claiming innocence and waiting for a reply to her immediate appeal.

Supposedly, she engaged in “sexually suggestive content,” but according to Velvet – this is untrue. In the past, she’s had issues with trolls reporting her account, resulting in her “mistaken” suspensions. Ever since skirting along the lines of inappropriate attire, she’s made consistent attempts to keep things modest so that she can remain on the platform worry-free.

She also brought up her concerns with dealing with a “different body type than other girls” – revealing her outfit on the day she was banned in order to help make her case. Most likely, some combination between her dancing and outfits is what lands her in trouble, but that is simply a popular theory by her fans. Whether or not Twitch’s action is justified appears to be in a gray area for the time being, but Velvet doesn’t seem to believe her content crosses any lines.

Usually things come down to intentionality. If Velvet consistently chooses to sexualize herself on stream, an impending ban should come as no surprise to any party. Apparently, she is trying to comply with guidelines, and her potential violations have been unintentional.

Someone who wound up in a relatable situation not too long ago was Kaceytron, who was “indefinitely banned” on Twitch before negotiating her way back onto the platform; She wasted no time going to bat for her streaming colleague. Her defense was reasonable, suggesting that the ban may be justified, but Twitch’s lack of clarity isn’t. “Sexually suggestive content” tends to have a broad definition, so some (particularly female) streamers are often left wondering.

Considering that Velvet advertises her Patreon’s “LEWD” content on Twitter, it would be more understandable if she was banned for promoting something of that nature on Twitch. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case. With any luck for the Korean streamer, some of the Twitter backlash will prompt a more detailed explanation from the company, and maybe even a shot at redemption.

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