Video Shows All Of Elden Ring’s Demigods Going At It In A Battle Royale

We've borne witness to the powerful Demigods of Elden Ring's The Lands Between. While the Tarnished fought, died, and eventually triumphed over them, we don't quite know which of them would win in a fight amongst themselves – or at least amongst themselves all at once. Fortunately, one YouTube channel has granted our wish and published a video of all six demigods going head to head in an all out battle royale.

Garden of Eyes is a YouTube channel that publishes showcases using Elden Ring mods (thanks GameRant). For example, battles between various bosses, annihilating bosses using other bosses as Spirit Ashes, and more such stuff. As a way to thank their subscribers, and celebrate reaching 100,000 of them, the channel put out this video of the demigod battle royale.

It takes place in Renalla's lunar arena and features four rounds, each with some modifiers to keep things fair. All of them have had their area of movement increased and have also been scaled up to New Game +7. The contenders are Godrick the Grafted, General Radahn, Rykard, Margott the Omen King, Mohg, and Malenia.

The first round saw Malenia go straight for Mohg, probably with vengeance on her mind. Margott, Radahn, and Godrick get locked in a triple-threat match, while Rykard just rolls around damaging anyone who gets in the way. Things really get heated when Radahn takes on his second phase, slamming into the arena with his meteor attack and taking a chunk off everyone's health. This triggers a chain reaction of ults, ending with Mohg unleashing his health drain attack and taking everyone out. He too, however, succumbs.

Round two featured modifiers to remove Nihil Bleed, but that didn't stop Mohg from claiming his second victory in a row. Surprisingly, Godrick managed to be the last contender the Lord of Blood had to deal with. Round three featured a change of positions, meaning aggros varied and different match-ups occurred. This turned out to be the change that spurred Malenia to take the round. The final round saw a change in area scaling, once again leading to victory for Malenia.

It's two each for Mohg and Malenia, hopefully we'll get to see a conclusion to this soon enough.

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