Vigor Devs Offer Unique Cosmetic To Support Their Hometown Hospital

The Czech developers of Vigor, Bohemia Interactive, are now offering a “Stay Safe Charity Pack” for the game. The profits from the pack will be donated to the University Hospital Brno in Prague, which, according to the team, was “repeatedly hit by hacker attacks while facing the threats of the COVID-19 virus.”

Buying the pack (which will cost you a measly two dollars) will give you a unique in-game mask with which you can boast that you’re doing your part against the virus beyond staying home. The pack is available for a limited (but unspecified) amount of time from April 10th, so be sure to get your own as soon as you can.

“You can help as well! Vigor is a looter-shooter game for Xbox One and we will also be coming to Nintendo Switch later this year,” the press release for the pack reads. “By buying our Stay Safe Charity Pack you will not only help the ones already in need, you will also join an amazing community of players currently going through the same hardships as you — our Outlanders.”

The post-apocalyptic game set in Norway in 1991, after a nuclear war, has players gathering materials, fighting for airdrops, and generally trying their best to survive in a hostile land. Now, with this exclusive mask, maybe you’ll earn more clout with the in-game community since they know you’re a good guy. Or maybe you won’t – but you’ll feel better about yourself regardless.

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