Vin Diesel Is Having A Productive 2020: He's A Singer Now

In 2020, everyone is picking up a new hobby. Whether you’re learning to cook, starting a garden, or learning to make coffee tables, it’s a good year to try something new. And Fast & The Furious star Vin Diesel decided to jump into the waters of singing and released a new single called “Feel Like I Do.”

During The Kelly Clarkson Show, Diesel popped up in a recording studio to announce his new single, which then premiered on the show. Diesel is a man of many talents and has been showcasing them to the world, ever since he popped up in a “how to breakdance” video. Check out his new song below.

That Zoom-call-style audience sure was enjoying the song, eh? Diesel got his first big break in Hollywood when Steven Spielberg cast him in Saving Private Ryan, after seeing his performance in the short film Multi-Facial–which Diesel directed.

Did you know Diesel also really enjoys playing Dungeons & Dragons? He taught Judi Dench to play while they filmed 2004’s The Chronicles of Riddick. And 2015’s The Last Witch Hunter was actually partially based on one of Diesel’s characters from a D&D campaign.

Those are some fun Vin Diesel facts, right? If you want more of Diesel in your life–mainly on the big screen–you’ll have to wait like the rest of us for F9 to hit theaters in April 2021. It was originally supposed to release in May 2020, but the COVID pandemic has forced movie theaters to close. But while we wait 7 more months for the movie to come out, check out all these theories about how Han came back to life for the new Fast & Furious movie.

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