Virtual Zoom Parties Giving You A Snore? Here Are The Different Ways To Make It Fun

Today, video chatting platforms like Zoom have gained immense popularity for their apt communicative interface. So, it has become quite simple for people to stay connected with their friends and family and get to know about their well-being. The ease of using Zoom might compel you to throw a party for a group of participants as well!

But what makes a zoom party a success, before it turns into a boring snore for you and your friends or family? Well, you may want to explore some great zoom party ideas if you want them to leave the party feeling elated and happy. After all, simply getting together over a digital platform may not guarantee that all of you may have a good time!

So, what does it take to make your zoom parties fun? Let us find out.

Tried and Tested Ways to Make Your Zoom Parties Fun

You Need to Have an Agenda

Sounds too much work-like? Perhaps you may want to think of this one as a crucial tip even for your Zoom parties. Somewhere down the line, all questions about how everyone is and what new is happening may have become too outdated.

Before everyone starts turning the taste of your party sour again, let it begin with an agenda right away. Look at it this way –  if this was a real party at a dedicated venue, you might be having one to one conversations with one or two people at the most. But at a Zoom party, everyone may be seen conversing with each other at the same time.

The idea is to pump some enthusiasm into the party by laying down an agenda about what you guys are going to talk about. Let your friends know about it a day or two in advance so that they may plan ideas about the agenda. So, let’s say that you are talking about baking recipes, you can lay down the format in which everyone should share their recipe and allot an ingredient to each participant so that nothing is repeated.

Get Started as a Nice Host

Instead of asking everyone about how they are , talk about how you came up with the idea for the party.  Let your friends know about yourself instead and chat about what has been keeping you busy. Set the tone of the party with a challenge or a riddle which may entice your friends to feel cheerful about the idea of getting together at a digital meeting.

As a host, it is imperative to get the party started at with the right tone before anyone starts feeling left out. 

Plan the Right Group Activities

To keep your friends engaged and interested in the party, you need to have some group activities planned for them. You could plan a quiz together or try some challenges. For example, eating or drinking with only the left hand, not using the phone during the meeting, or putting on some makeup during the call.

Give, and ask your friends to give a virtual tour of their home or workplace or talk about a recent trip that you went on. Find common ground about which you can share experiences with your friends. Talk about a book, sitcom or movie you watched and would like to recommend to them.

If you share a passion or a hobby with your friends, now is the time to showcase it to them and let them know how you have been using your time. Finding some parallel activities to do with them is the key to having fun.

Stagger Your Invitations

As opposed to what you may deem the right way, it is better to stagger your invitations across different timings so that not everyone joins at the same time. It can get overwhelming and confusing for everyone to say hello to each other at the same time. When a batch of people join the party one by one, you will see that everyone finds it easy to communicate and greet each other.

Try Not to Leave Anyone Out

Well, this one is a regular party etiquette. It is pretty similar to attending any traditional party, where you reach out to your guests if you feel they have been left out. In a Zoom party though, you have to nudge and include people if they have been quiet for some time. It is important to keep everyone included if you want them to enjoy the party.

Snack and Binge

Although you cannot literally bring together popcorn and snacks for each other during a Zoom party, you can certainly lay it down in your agenda for each party member to bring along their choice of alcohol or soft drink. Knowing that everyone is going to be partying together with the same snacks, does tend to set the mood right for a party.

Play Something Interesting

Why not get together to play Ludo game on your mobile phones? This way, you could chit chat and make humour while also enjoying the Ludo board game. It’s one of the most engaging and stimulating online games for the times when you want to party and have fun. 

Know When to End the Call

Although it is a good idea to keep partying, there is always an end to it. Before your guests start to leave the party on their own, you should know that it is time to end it. No one has the attention span to go on and on with a party.

It is up to you to keep them entertained and pull the brake when it is time to say goodbye. So before it gets awkward for anyone, pull the plug on the party and send your goodbyes to everyone.

In Conclusion

Partying on Zoom can be just as much fun as getting together for a real party. All you need is the right ideas of hosting a party on a digital platform. You should also offer something to everyone so that they may enjoy being part of one.

By following these tips, you can even spread the word about your skills as a party host and gather popularity among your friend circle. Imagine getting to host another great party with more people and more adventure!

That sure ought to put you in the right mood to party right and invite over some friends on a Zoom call right away!