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One of the first rooms you may encounter in Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward is the Infirmary. This small hospital room is home to first aid equipment, examination tools, and medical supplies. If you choose to enter the Yellow Chromatic Door with Phi and Tenmyouji, you will end up here.

The Infirmary has some tricky puzzles that aren't always obvious to solve. Let's take a look at everything you can find in the Infirmary, how to complete each puzzle, get the Gold File, and ultimately how to escape this room.

Infirmary Layout

First, let's take a look around the Infirmary to see what we can find. Facing the entrance door, you can find an AED that is not used for this escape puzzle. Moving over slightly, you will find the examination bed and ADAM scanning machine. Beside that is a large monitor and desk with a few drawers.

To the right of the desk is a cart, on which you can find a washing basin. Moving to the right once again will place you in front of a large shelf with a supply of various medicine. Below the shelf is a cabinet, the left side of which holds the safe you will use to escape.

Next to the medicine cabinet is the escape door. On the other side of the room is a group of three medical beds that you will need to come back to later.

How To Escape The Infirmary

Now that we're familiar with the Infirmary's layout, let's seek a way out.

On the desk, grab the metal coin-like thing to add it to your inventory. Move to the right and pick up the scalpel on the top shelf of the cart, then examine the bottom shelf and pick up the worn-out key. You can leave the injection device, as it won't be needed to escape.

Next, move to the area with the three beds and pick up the metal stake on the third bed. Combine this with the metal coin-like thing to get a pretty key. Then, equip the scalpel and use it on the middle bed to get a piece of dirty fabric.

Move to the medicine cabinet and grab the jar containing white powder from the middle shelf. Open the bottom right cabinet of the shelf to reveal a clipboard and memory card. Add the memory card to your inventory and pick up the piece of paper attached to the clipboard to add the note with shapes on it to your archive.

Zooming out, inspect the puzzle to the right of the medicine cabinet. Use the worn-out key and the pretty key to open both locks, allowing you to attempt this mini-game.

Your goal for this mini-game is to move the three colored blocks to their corresponding squares. When you press a directional button, all three blocks will move in that direction. Follow the steps listed below to solve this puzzle.

  1. Up
  2. Right
  3. Up
  4. Right
  5. Down
  6. Left
  7. Up
  8. Left
  9. Down
  10. Right

After the mini-game is complete, you can examine the puzzle to find that the missing squares of the diagram are now filled in. Make note of how many symbols are present on the diagram: five blue, six yellow, and two red. The green symbols aren't used, so you won't need to count them.

Now, go back to the medicine cabinet and inspect the bottom shelf with three colored buttons. Here, you will need to enter a PIN that corresponds to the three colored symbols from the mini-game. The symbols are presented as blue, yellow, and red, making the password for this puzzle 562. Type this in to receive the colored note, which displays the following information.

Next, head to the desk with the large monitor and put the memory card into the slot on the side of the monitor. Doing this will turn the screen on, which will tell you the following.

  • A=White powder in medicine bottle
  • B=Water

This clarifies the note with objects on it you picked up from the cabinet earlier. You will need to mix A, the white powder, with B, water, into a bowl, which will create a cleaning solution that can be used on the dirty fabric.

To do this, first move to the cart with the wash basin on it. Pour the white powder into the basin, which will leave you with an empty jar. Then, move to the sink and turn it on while holding the jar, giving you a jar filled with water. Pour this into the wash basin to create the cleaning solution. Equip the dirty fabric and soak it in the basin to receive the plaid fabric.

Now, you can head to the ADAM scanning machine and place the fabric on the bed. Use the hand-held scanner and the monitor to begin the next mini-game.

This time, you will need to scan certain tiles on the fabric to produce a five-letter password. Using the colored note we found earlier, we can determine that the first letter is blue, the second letter is red, and the third letter is yellow. The fourth and fifth letters are already on the fabric. Next, you will have to remember which color of medicine corresponds to which shape. The pill is blue, the bottle is red, and the envelope is yellow.

This means that the password here is to scan the pill shape, bottle shape, envelope shape, number four, then number five, giving you the password CURED. Press the check button and the mini-game will be complete. This will turn the scanning monitor green, and will now display the Green Safe Password. Put this into the safe below the medicine cabinet, and you can escape the infirmary.

How To Get The Gold File

To get the Gold File in the Infirmary, there are a few additional steps you will need to take. First, pick the fabric up from the bed, and head back to the medicine diagram next to the cabinet and inspect the fabric. You will need to match the number of symbols that are displayed on the diagram to the symbols on the fabric by mentally laying the fabric on top of the diagram.

For example, the envelope shape and number five on the fabric both land on yellow envelope symbols on the diagram. Since these are both on yellow symbols, that makes yellow equal to two. Repeat this process for red and blue, and we get the following.

  • Yellow Envelope = 2
  • Blue Pill = 2
  • Red Bottle = 1

Next, move back to the cabinet and inspect the PIN password input on the bottom shelf. Type in the code 221, and the left drawer will open instead. This time, you will receive a clean plaid fabric.

Head back to the ADAM scanner and place the newly acquired clean plaid fabric on the bed, then initiate scanning. This time, you won't need to match symbols; simply press the numbers in sequential order, from one to five. This will give you the password FOUND. Stepping away from the scanner will turn the monitor blue, revealing the Blue Safe Password. Put this into the safe, and you will receive the Gold File.

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