VR Collaboration Tool The Wild Adds Support for Oculus Quest

When it comes to enterprise use cases for virtual reality (VR) technology one of the best is the ability to help teams collaborate on projects. While not always practical to have full tethered VR systems in an office taking up space, the advent of standalone devices has removed that issue. The Wild is a collaboration platform for architecture and design teams which has just launched support for Oculus Quest.

The Wild allows teams wherever they’re located in the world to experience their work at human scale, which can be invaluable for making decisions, catching errors, and providing valuable context for clients, and stakeholders. Adding support for Oculus Quest, designers don’t need to be next to their PC to view their work, either finding a quiet corner of the office as well as being able to take the device to customers.

The software allows up to eight people to meet up in a fully synchronized virtual space, with cross-platform support across VR, augmented reality on iOS, desktop PC and macOS. The Wild offers native sketching and annotation tools, is compatible with most 3D file types, and integrates with industry-standard tools like Revit, SketchUp and other 3D workflows.

“The Wild for Oculus Quest dramatically reduces the complexity of collaborating in VR,” according to The Wild’s founder and CEO, Gabe Paez in a statement. “Our Oculus Quest app makes it fast and simple to immerse the whole design team inside of The Wild, as technical barriers melt away. This simplicity will shift VR from the conference room to the workstation. With a headset at every desk, immersive collaboration can be transformative in achieving excellence and alignment across the team.”

The Oculus Quest only launched less than two months ago and already seems to be a hit. With a starting price of $399 USD/£399 GBP for the 64GB model, the headset has supposedly already sold 1.1million units according to analyst firm SuperData – although Oculus never releases sales figures.

For teams wishing to test the collaboration tool, The Wild offers a free trial only to qualified teams on a request-access basis. For further updates on the latest VR enterprise applications, keep reading VRFocus.

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