Walkabout Mini Golf Adds Fully Explorable Labyrinth In DLC

Walkabout Mini Golf now offers paid downloadable content that adds an 18 hole course and full size maze inspired by the 1986 movie Labyrinth.

Each hole adapts a different scene of the film into a mini golf hole with the studio’s experience in traditional animation coming in handy with the development of characters from the film you can throughout the course in in Walkabout’s low-poly style located around the course. Once you finish the main 18 holes there’s also the fox hunt, hidden balls, the labyrinth itself and hard mode to explore. For the hard mode, the Labyrinth course is reimagined as taking place during Jareth’s masquerade ball in the film.

“Low poly doesn’t mean easy,” studio head Lucas Martell told UploadVR. “It means that you really have to have a good eye for what you’re doing…the fact that we can go on top of the castle and actually see all the way down to hole one and even see the golfers down there. That is something that is really only possible if you are making some artistic concessions, but it’s that balance between the art and the tech that really has to be spot on for something like this to work.”

Martell gave us a tour of the course which you can see in the video above or check out the trailer for the DLC embedded below:

Walkabout Mini Golf is available on Steam and Oculus Quest and the Labyrinth DLC course is priced at $2.99.

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