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  • Mini-Games Overview
  • Target Practice
  • Crane Game
  • Ramen
  • Karaoke
  • Space Runaway

Wanted: Dead may be set in a world full of ninjas, Spider Tanks, and over-the-top action, but it also has lots of downtime, allowing you to partake in a handful of Mini-Games to blow off steam and relax a little. Some Mini-Games will offer excellent rewards, while others will only grant you additional SP, which can be helpful to some extent.

There are five Mini-Games in Wanted: Dead, all having unique mechanics and systems. While they are somewhat limited in terms of rewards, they are fun to jump into every once in a while, especially if you are looking to get 100 percent completion or some Achievements or Trophies.

Mini-Games Overview

As touched on above, there are five Mini-Games present in Wanted: Dead, but not all Mini-Games are created equally. The vast majority of Mini-Games in Wanted: Dead will reward you with SP, with only one granting you an entirely new weapon for Stone to use in combat. You can find the complete list of Mini-Games below:

  • Target Practice
  • Crane Game
  • Ramen
  • Karaoke
  • Space Runaway

Lastly, we want to warn you that you may want to exclusively play these Mini-Games from within the campaign when you're exploring the Police HQ, as doing them from the Main Menu seems not to give out in-game rewards aside from Achievements and Trophies. So, if you want SP or the weapon, you must tackle these from within the campaign.

Target Practice

Target Practice is one of the first Mini-Games can participate in and is found on the third floor of the Police HQ, directly across from the Gunsmith's Workshop. Upon entering the firing range, you can try your hand at two modes: Score Attack and Time Attack, which you can learn more about below.

  • Score Attack: Rack up as many points as possible within a minute.
  • Time Attack: Try to eliminate targets swiftly and earn a high score within 30 seconds.

Both modes within Target Practice play very similarly to one another, one just has a shorter time window than the other, and Score Attack rewards more points per Bullseye and Headshot than Time Attack. Additionally, doing good in these modes will enable you to unlock a new AR, which we will cover below!

How To Obtain The Gunsmith's AR

The Gunsmith's AR is the only unlockable primary weapon in Wanted: Dead and can be acquired by overthrowing her score on the Leaderboards, which can be viewed by pressing 'X' (Xbox Controller) while within the Firing Range or by accessing the computer terminal in the back of the room.

Snagging the first-place slot in both Score and Time Attack with Stone's Rifle will have the Gunsmith give you her rifle to use in combat and during Target Practice. After you rack up enough points, exit the room to receive a text message from the Gunsmith to obtain the rifle. After receiving the message, you can head to Target Practice and try it out. Unlike Stone's Rifle, you cannot add any attachments or skins to the Gunsmith's Rifle.

You cannot obtain the Gunsmith's AR outside the campaign, so do not attempt to tackle the Leaderboards from the Main Menu. Anything you do from the Main Menu will not transfer over to your current saved data. – We also reached the top of the leaderboard with all other weapon types and received nothing more, so it appears the Gunsmith's AR is the only unlockable here!

Crane Game

Next is the Crane Game, which you can access on the fourth floor of the Police HQ in the lounge area next to the cafeteria. There will be two machines next to one another that you can play on. The Green Crane Game on the left will have a mix of Figurines and Capsules, whereas the Blue Crane Game on the right will always only have Figurines. Capsules can contain various items, from VHS Tapes to Music.

Figurines will only be of characters you have met, with lots of them being boss encounters, so be sure to periodically check these Machines for new characters if you're looking to gather them all. Additionally, anytime you pull something new from the Machine, you will receive +100 SP. If you don't like what you see in the Machine, you can exit the Mini-Game and try again to get a different assortment of Collectibles. You can find the types of rewards you can expect below!

  • Music Tracks for the Ramen Mini-Game
  • Music Tracks for the Jukebox in the lounge area
  • Figurines for Stone's Desk
  • VHS Tapes to view in the "Memories" tab of the Main Menu

Similar to the Target Practice Mini-Game, we strongly advise against playing this outside of your campaign save, as the Figurines you collect won't appear on Stone's Desk, and you won't receive SP for obtaining any new Figurines.


Eating Ramen is considered a Mini-Game in Wanted: Dead due to the rhythmic and ferocious style you slurp it down. However, it appears you only get SP for tackling it. Nonetheless, there are ten tracks you can obtain and eat Ramen along to, with all but one being acquired via the Crane Game we covered above. The first track is on the house and given to you after you first do the Mini-Game during the story. You can also access this Mini-Game by visiting the lounge area on the fourth floor of the Police HQ.

Upon starting the Ramen Mini-Game, you will see a gold bowl of Ramen in the bottom left of your screen. This bowl indicates the Ramen's "life," and it's your goal to finish it. So, the bowl will begin to drain for every note you successfully hit. Once you deplete the bowl, you will receive SP and a new bowl of Ramen. When you reach your third bowl of Ramen, you will have to deal with two lines of incoming notes, to spice things up a bit.

However, if you miss a note, the bowl of Ramen will begin to fill up. The Mini-Game will end if you miss too many notes and the bowl fills up completely. As far as we can tell, you can only earn SP via this Mini-Game, as we have tackled all ten tracks and received nothing in return.

As outlined above, you will receive SP for every new bowl of Ramen you earn, but only in the campaign mode. Doing this Mini-Game outside of the campaign won't give you much of anything, from what we can tell.


Karaoke is an odd one, as you can only sing one song in the game despite being able to collect lots of Music from the Crane Game. The song is 99 Luftballons, and the Mini-Game plays very similarly to the Ramen Mini-Game, having you press the incoming button on-beat to rack up points. You can access Karaoke by visiting the lounge area in the Police HQ on the fourth floor.

Finishing 99 Luftballons will reward you with "Team Excitement," which is never explained what it exactly does or if it's beneficial. As far as we can tell, this does nothing or does very little that it more or less does not matter. So, if you're looking for SP, to sing different songs, or anything other than Achievements or Trophies, this Mini-Game is not for you.

Space Runaway

Space Runaway is another Mini-Game in Wanted: Dead that is more or less for show than for earning anything in the game. This is based on the real-life game of the same name by the same developers and is a retro-styled side-scrolling shooter that has you command a mech in space. You can collect power-ups, fight monsters, and battle bosses throughout several stages.

While you seemingly do not earn SP during this Mini-Game, there are Achievements and Trophies tied to it, and it is arguably the most fun Mini-Game in the game, so we recommend diving into it after you unlock it in the story. You can find the Space Runaway cabinet beside the Crane Game in the lounge area of the Police HQ on the fourth floor.

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